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Webinar Software Comparison: EasyWebinar vs. WebinarJam vs. the Others

by Indigo on April 21, 2015 263 comments

Egads! This isn’t as much fun as it looks.

I love the idea of doing webinars.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is getting to talk to people about the topics I find most fascinating. Webinars present a great opportunity for a conversation with dozens of people interested in the same topic, and without all the logistics for renting meeting space, getting the chairs set up, transporting presentation equipment to the event site, and so on that are associated with a physical event. Great idea. So much promise.

I eagerly evaluated the following options: (Do a quick scan, then come back and analyze after reading the rest of the article, and it will be much more meaningful.)

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IndigoWebinar Software Comparison: EasyWebinar vs. WebinarJam vs. the Others

The Natural Life

by Indigo on April 7, 2015 7 comments

Thunderstorms, roses and the embrace of a tree-filled landscape…

As I sit here at the close of a full day of reading, writing, creating, sharing, instructing and hopefully inspiring, I can’t help but laugh a little.

Life is funny. It’s convoluted and unexpected and completely uncontrollable. You work so hard to create something, then have it all fall into your lap as soon as you give up. You take a walk along a winding path and a chance encounter leads to a life-altering opportunity. You chat with the hairdresser and before you know it you’ve helped a non-profit get sponsored by the United Way.

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IndigoThe Natural Life