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How do you know when it’s time to hire a consultant?

by Indigo on August 25, 2015 8 comments

First you have to understand what a business consultant does.

A pet peeve of mine is how many marketing consultants call themselves business consultants.

This leads to a lot of confusion. In the year that I’ve made the transition from mostly serving corporate clients (who definitely know what it means to run a business) to serving early stage businesses, the biggest surprise to me has been the profound lack of public knowledge around what a business is and what it does.

Think about this: Have you ever walked into any company’s office and seen that the marketing department took up 90% of the square footage? And yet over-whelmingly, when people think they need to hire a business coach or consultant (the difference being the inclusion of implementation assistance with the consultant), they are thinking 100% about getting help with marketing.

And when it doesn’t work? Their solution is to seek more or better marketing. Never does it occur to them that the problem is that they don’t have a company around their marketing efforts.

So criteria number one for being ready for a business consultant is that you know that a company is more than just a product or service and marketing to promote it. 

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IndigoHow do you know when it’s time to hire a consultant?

Is Livestreaming the way to connect with your Tribe?

by Indigo on August 17, 2015 No comments

I do realize that you are likely overwhelmed with all the social media channels that have been available for years.

Why oh why would you want one more?

Well because livestreaming really is different. At least, it has served a very specific purpose very well and within a very short period of time, for me and a lot of other people. That leads me to believe it is worth my sharing with you, with a healthy “nudge” included.

I’m specifically speaking of Periscope (a property of Twitter) because it is the platform that I’ve spent the most time on over the last 6 weeks. Within that period of time I have:

  1. Attracted a “Spirit-led Lifers” following of over 1000 people who keep tuning in for more of what I most want to share with the world to create my impact;
  2. Discovered new channels of thought leaders who have given me access to a new world of ideas;
  3. Made connections with some truly amazing people, like Chalene Johnson, who not only recommends following me in some of her own broadcasts, but occasionally shows up in mine (to thoroughly blow my mind);
  4. Began clarifying the parts of my message that most resonate with people and the way of conveying that information that makes it easiest for them to apply it. (This is facilitated by the live, interactive aspect of how the platform works — The best scopers shape their message with audience feedback as they go); and
  5. Developed new levels of comfort appearing on camera and speaking without a script, even doing my first online course that has both me on camera in most lessons (my previous 7 courses either had only screenshare or maybe an appearance by me in the intro lecture) AND was completely unscripted.  (Find the course here Skillshare – Periscope Essentials or here
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IndigoIs Livestreaming the way to connect with your Tribe?