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What Rapid Expansion Can Look Like

by Indigo on August 17, 2016 No comments

How drastically do you think your life could change within just a few weeks or even days?

I’m going to share¬†with you recent events from someone else’s life that I believe will both instruct and inspire you.

The Beginnings of the Shift

I just got off the phone a bit ago with one of my clients who gave me permission to tell her tale. She heard an interview I did a couple months ago and was inspired by the approach to abundance I was proposing, the same path I took from poverty to abundance myself. She submitted a business health assessment to request a free consultation with me, then signed up for one of my inexpensive $1,500 programs that is basically the creation of a plan followed by a couple months of guidance carrying out that plan.

Though a modest expense for private work, when even group business development programs are often asking for $6-12,000, to her it was the largest business development investment she had ever even considered making. But something in her told her it was time, and she gave me a confident yes when I offered to work with her.

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IndigoWhat Rapid Expansion Can Look Like