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Why Are you Still Struggling With Your Offering?

by Indigo on March 14, 2017 No comments

You are an expert at what you do. You know your stuff, whether from education, training, experience or some combination of the above. You know you’ve got a lot to offer that many people would greatly benefit from, and your heart longs to get that help to them. Yet for some reason, you just aren’t seeing the traction and necessary revenue to get you out of startup mode.

You’ve searched, you’ve brainstormed, you’ve done market research interviews, you’ve even gotten out there with an offer or two. Maybe you had some positive feedback. You did sell that one package. Or maybe you’ve even sold a few. Or if you’re still pre-sales, you’ve received extremely positive market research feedback.

So how did you get to this place a year later where you still aren’t making a higher rate of revenue than you were in those first few months? Why haven’t you been able to get to a level of stability where you can feel like you’re running a business, not still starting one?

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IndigoWhy Are you Still Struggling With Your Offering?