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Hi I’m Indigo Ocean Dutton, Conscious Business Strategy specialist at Awaken Business Consulting, founder of The Winning Start programs (including Sisters Manifesting Destiny and The Destiny Accelerator) and host of Conscious Business Leaders TV.

I know what it can be like to endeavor to make it in the world in a way that is both fulfilling and financially sound. We want to have material abundance, and we also want to have the freedom to maintain deep emotional bonds and contribute toward our vision of a better world. Yet we often are made to feel as if we have to choose one or the other.

I experienced those tradeoffs myself for many, many years. I either did corporate work that was lucrative, but spiritually and emotionally stifling, or bounced between low-paying non-profit jobs that had meaningful goals, but uninspiring daily life experience.

I received my BA degree in International Commerce from Brown University, but to my surprise, that didn’t exactly set me up for career success. I was accepted to Hastings Law School and nearly went… 3 years in a row. (When I got my MA my mother said, “Well now you have your Masters degree AND a law degree.” I was like, “Mom, what are you talking about? I never went to law school. I just ALMOST went, 3 years in a row.”)

Building upon my MA in Integral Counseling Psychology did, however, translate into foundations that I still draw upon in my work today. Work experience I gained after the degree also continues to be a part of my work, from art therapy, to play therapy with children, to spiritual counseling and channeling.

It was when I was recruited by a business consulting firm and trained in the craft of business consulting that things really took off for me. I went through 3 firms in 3 years, each time learning more about the work and having access to a wider array of client industries. This on-the-job education allowed me to start my own firm with client companies large and small (some among the Fortune 500).

Within my first 2 months in business I closed my first $20,000 deal, and within my first 3 years I closed my first $375,000 deal. Suddenly, my financial picture had transformed dramatically. But I was still on just one side of the success equation. The work was challenging, and financial achievement was affirming, but something was still missing.

You see, the combination of experience and training I’ve had makes me a well-prepared and highly skilled resource. My depth of heartful presence makes me an excellent companion for the journey. But more than any of that, it is the personal journey I have had, complete with pits and peaks along the way, that finally brought me to a point of full integration that I allows me to deeply groc the journey you too are on.

I can now say that I have both meaningful work at all levels of my being, and the financial well-being and stability that has always meant so much to me. And I’d like to help you achieve the same holistic equilibrium for yourself.

If you believe that your work should reflect the highest aspects of who you are, then I would love to help you achieve that goal, through effective strategy and guidance on your path to success.

I’ve assembled a powerful team of business experts to insure you are solid in all areas of running a successful enterprise. Being able to support yourself without a boss is great, but being able to thrive is a collaborative effort. Let us be your “on-demand” expertise to help you achieve new levels of success.

I hope you’ll stretch yourself beyond what is already known to you, and reach out to connect with us today.

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