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Who you are…

You are a successful executive who knows how to achieve your goals, but may no longer be feeling the fulfillment that used to accompany those achievements.

You are ready for something more… to feel more, be more, and expand into new aspects of who you could be… and are looking for a skilled guide as a companion on that journey.

Perhaps you want to experience the career you now have in a new way. Or perhaps you wish to embark upon an entrepreneurial journey, and create something new in the world that is a unique expression of your gifts, talents, and passions, without sacrificing financial prosperity.

Whatever your objective, you deeply value the sacred and spiritual aspects of life, and want that more fully integrated into all you do. You wish to feel deeply embodied and connected, and aren’t willing to accept anything less during this next phase of your life.

What I can do for you…

It is my joy to help you learn to dependably utilize the wisdom and power of your inner guidance system to start achieving a new level of impact and fulfillment.

Working with a combination of my MA experience as a counselor, with modalities from art therapy to spiritual channeling, to cognitive framework change, and my decade of experience as a business consultant for companies of all sizes, I am the expert to help you.

Schedule a free exploratory call with me, and let’s tap into your inner guidance system together and see what we see for who you might be.

A Case Study

One of my clients, who I will call Sherry for confidentiality, had a full-time job that she enjoyed, but had grown bored with. She had a lovely 15 minute commute to a place where she worked with a team who appreciated her, but she simply wasn’t having her creativity stimulated enough for true fulfillment. So she started a dance studio. After a year, she had no regular students at the studio and often had only 1 student show up for a class. She came to me for help making a success out of her floundering studio.

From the work we did together in her consultation, it looked like the objectives most essential for the success of her dance studio could be achieved within a 4 month program. We were to meet twice a month for 4 months, and she would be given assignments to complete in her business each time we met, as well as our reviewing the accomplishments or obstacles in her previous assignments each time.

Now the way I work, I do focus quite a bit on sound business practices (sometimes referred to as Best Practices) when it comes to the assignments I give clients. But when we are in session together I draw heavily on my backgrounds as a spiritual counselor and psychotherapist.

With Sherry, allowing the interplay of what I consider “yin and yang” skill sets within the consulting led to a startling discover. In the second of our eight sessions, I found myself slipping into a channeling state and found myself saying, “You have the exact number of students you want, because you don’t want a dance studio.”

It landed on us both like a ton of bricks. I really didn’t expect to hear myself say that, and apparently neither did she. But, because we were sharing a very connected psycho-spiritual space at the time, which is how the spontaneous channeling was able to happen in the first place, we were able to dive deeper from a place of fullness.

We then explored what attracted her about being an entrepreneur and clarified exactly what she wanted in her ideal work life. She loved the creativity and clear feedback of being an entrepreneur. She liked having an idea, trying it out, and seeing what results she could create. She liked the element of experiencing wins in business. But she also liked working as part of a team, yet was many years away from being able to hire a team for her dance studio. And she loved working outside the home, particularly the lovely commute she had. And she liked a steady paycheck.

I met with her next a few weeks later and what she reported surprised even me. She said that after the previous session she had gone into a period of mourning, as she let go of her dream of her own dance studio. She realized upon further reflection that she never really wanted a dance studio per se, she just wanted to be an entrepreneur and thought a dance studio might be the right business, because she had loved dance more than anything as a child. But the actual experience of building up and running a dance studio wasn’t at all what she wanted. She accepted that what she really wanted was to use entrepreneurial skills, but within a job.

Within a few days of her clarifying that, she got a call from a major corporation that said they were opening up an intrapreneurial department and had heard about her, and wanted to know if she could come in to interview for heading the department. She did, and by the time we met she was in the final rounds of the process, and it was clear they were going to offer her the position (which they soon did).

The position was EXACTLY what we had designed together in that second session. She would be using entrepreneurial skills to help the megalith company be as agile as a startup in developing new products. But she would have a team, a great salary, and the location was right across the street from where she already worked. It didn’t even change her perfect commute!

You might think the story ends there, but it doesn’t.

About  year later, Sherry contacted me again. Her company was in the process of being sold and she wasn’t sure her innovative department would survive under the new owners. She wanted to design a business from scratch, only this time starting from the framework of her spiritual guidance system.

We worked together for several months and designed something very unique that fit her skills, interests, and passions perfectly and that market testing had shown there was a great need for.

Soon after our final program meeting she had news to report. One of the contacts she had made over the course of program activities had offered her a job doing exactly the business we had designed, only as an employee of theirs!

Once again, she found herself with a big salary bump available for custom designed work that didn’t require she do sales or otherwise build a business structure.

I said to her, “Sherry, I think we need to both accept that we aren’t designing businesses for you. We’re designing jobs that simply don’t exist until we design them.”

What will your story be like?

Are you at heart an entrepreneur looking for your ideal offering to create financial success and impact, or are you in need of a custom designed next step in your professional career?

Reach out to connect, and let’s explore those possibilities with the insight we can gain from a spiritually grounded collaboration between us.

Do you resonate with what you’ve read here? Then connect and let me help you to create the experience of the unique expression that you came to be.

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