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Law of Attraction and Passive Income free training

by Indigo on May 5, 2015 8 comments

Yes, I have surrendered.

I am yet another business consultant/coach who is offering a webinar.

Hey, I resisted for a long time, folks. I was not going along with the program, no matter how many times I saw it recommended as a way to reach more of the people who were a good fit with your offerings. It just didn’t appeal to me at all.

But then I started doing a little public speaking. And then more radio interviews. And then I was asked to be the commencement speaker for a prestigious school. And then I was asked to create a workshop series for a local business incubator. And then the dots began to connect…

Those were all incredibly fun ways of reaching people with my message, and they were also a lot more work to put together than webinars!

I had a mental block to the idea, for reasons I no longer even know, but actually webinars are a perfect fit for the way I like to communicate. I love talking about topics like utilizing spiritual laws to facilitate true success, creating passive income instead of trading hours for dollars, building solid business structures upon strong business process foundations, and so on.

And in a webinar I can teach these subjects, answer questions from people who are there 100% because this is what they want to learn, and do it all from the comfort of my living room! Hello!

Yes, to webinars. Definitely. That said, I don’t know I’ll be doing a live one like the one coming up this Saturday again. There are only so many times I want to present the exact same information. So likely after this first one I’ll let people watch the recorded one, then do only the chat Q&A live each time. So if you want to hear your questions answered on air instead of just seeing the answers typed in chat, this May 9 event is definitely the one you want to attend.

Oh yes, the particulars:

UPDATE: It was a great event; so much so that I turned the recording of it into a free course, which you can enroll in at Law of Attraction and Passive Income free course

The event will be at 9am PDT this Saturday May 9. You can register at:

I will be sharing with you the details of:

  1. The methods I used to go from being heavily in debt to having a net worth over $1 million within just 6 years;
  2. How I built up a freedom business, by leveraging one passive income line of business into the next;
  3. How I integrate spiritual teachings from Buddhism and new thought like the Law of Attraction, to support the success of my endeavor in a way that truly fits who I am;
  4. The revenue reports that show the trajectory of what you can expect as you develop your own freedom business from scratch;
  5. Free videos, ebooks and more to help you clarify what type of passive income stream best fits you and your life situation, and how to get started most auspiciously, using the right tools and methods;
  6. Access to steep discounts on any paid program to further help you build your freedom business with ongoing guidance and support;
  7. And answers to whatever questions you have.

I really hope you’ll set aside the time and join me. And definitely let your friends and family know! This isn’t the sort of opportunity you hoard. I firmly believe that we all prosper more together. They may become your accountability partners, and help you stay engaged with the process until you see results, as you each support one another.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comments below.



Indigo is the founder of Awaken Business Consulting and Aspiratech business technology firm. She is also the host of Conscious Business Leaders TV. Indigo specializes in helping entrepreneurs build strong business structures in a way that integrates their intuition and inspiration. Want a free consultation with Indigo about your business's forward trajectory? Start by taking the Business Health Assessment at either or

IndigoLaw of Attraction and Passive Income free training


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  • Mary Lansing - May 5, 2015 reply

    This is awesome! Good luck to you girl 🙂

  • Heather @ The Nerdy Fox - May 5, 2015 reply

    Webinars are great and frankly, if you can help even one person, worth it.

  • Indigo - May 5, 2015 reply

    Thank you both for the encouragement. I’m a little nervous, but partly it’s nervous excitement. I’m also really looking forward to it.

  • Alanna - May 5, 2015 reply

    I am really looking forward to your webinar!! Will there be a replay as well? I am in Hawaii and it will be at 6am for me. Thanks!!

    Indigo - May 5, 2015 reply

    Yes, there will be a replay available later. It just won’t have the live chat feature or chance to get questions answered live. I used to live in HI too. You have to tell me which island you’re on. I was on Maui until 2007.

  • Karen M Peterson - May 5, 2015 reply

    Oooh! It’s always exciting to try something new! Good luck!

  • Debora Obeng - May 5, 2015 reply

    this is awesome!!! Congratulations on this new addition to your brand!

  • Indigo - May 11, 2015 reply

    It was a great event, with about 80 people registered, dozens who attended live, and still more who watched the replay. What fun! Catch the rebroadcast on Wed. evening if you missed it.

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