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Is Livestreaming the way to connect with your Tribe?

by Indigo on August 17, 2015 No comments

I do realize that you are likely overwhelmed with all the social media channels that have been available for years.

Why oh why would you want one more?

Well because livestreaming really is different. At least, it has served a very specific purpose very well and within a very short period of time, for me and a lot of other people. That leads me to believe it is worth my sharing with you, with a healthy “nudge” included.

I’m specifically speaking of Periscope (a property of Twitter) because it is the platform that I’ve spent the most time on over the last 6 weeks. Within that period of time I have:

  1. Attracted a “Spirit-led Lifers” following of over 1000 people who keep tuning in for more of what I most want to share with the world to create my impact;
  2. Discovered new channels of thought leaders who have given me access to a new world of ideas;
  3. Made connections with some truly amazing people, like Chalene Johnson, who not only recommends following me in some of her own broadcasts, but occasionally shows up in mine (to thoroughly blow my mind);
  4. Began clarifying the parts of my message that most resonate with people and the way of conveying that information that makes it easiest for them to apply it. (This is facilitated by the live, interactive aspect of how the platform works — The best scopers shape their message with audience feedback as they go); and
  5. Developed new levels of comfort appearing on camera and speaking without a script, even doing my first online course that has both me on camera in most lessons (my previous 7 courses either had only screenshare or maybe an appearance by me in the intro lecture) AND was completely unscripted.  (Find the course here Skillshare – Periscope Essentials or here

So yes, I am suggesting you consider focusing some effort on exploring how this new platform may help you better achieve your goals than other social media avenues have.

I never had anywhere near this sort of traction on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. after years on those platforms. The comparison of the time invested and the results experienced is just so disproportionate that there is no real competition.

For me, livestreaming has given me a way to put my best foot forward in how I present my message, skill and expertise (not to mention personal qualities people seem to resonate with) and do it in a way that my target audience actually sees it! And without my paying a dollar for ads of any kind.

I have attracted a group of followers who are helping me to focus my message in a practical way, despite how complex and inter-related my ideas can be. I have begun building a committed community of people who want to live a spirit-led life, but never had the idea suggested to them in a way to which they could relate. People who are interested in psychology and spirituality, yet practically focused on building their businesses as well.  In other words, I’ve found my tribe.

If you try Periscope out as a result of reading this article, I would love for you to leave me a comment below to let me know your experience. You can find the right link to download it on your device at

Or if you are already on Periscope, leave your handle (and also your page URL, if you’ve signed up for that free service), so that I can watch some of your scopes. I do a Tuesday “Spotlight on Best New Scoper” and find people to feature this way.

You can also find many of my previous scopes up on my Katch page at – Especially be sure to check out my “Spirit-led Stories” and “Success Strategies Saturday” series.  You can watch online anytime, but if you want to be able to interact you’ll need to watch on Periscope while I’m live, so follow me at @IndigoOcean to receive notifications when I broadcast.

Looking forward to discovering what you do and perhaps putting you in front of my tribe to help you find yours.


Indigo is the founder of Awaken Business Consulting and Aspiratech business technology firm. She is also the host of Conscious Business Leaders TV. Indigo specializes in helping entrepreneurs build strong business structures in a way that integrates their intuition and inspiration. Want a free consultation with Indigo about your business's forward trajectory? Start by taking the Business Health Assessment at either or

IndigoIs Livestreaming the way to connect with your Tribe?

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