Awaken Revenue Accelerator Program

For existing businesses seeking to grow revenue

First, Give Yourself a Break

If you’ve lacked either target profits or peace of mind in your business, it’s not you! It’s probably your systems failing you.

Did you know that whenever big businesses hire a business expert to help them achieve a goal, they can trust that they will always have a 100% project success rate? It’s such a rock solid expectation that it even has an insurance industry built around it!

Meanwhile, the success rate for business services catering to sole proprietors and micro-business owners is an abysmal 10%. That means that for every 10 people who seek out help with their small businesses, only 1 is actually helped!

Is it any wonder you’ve been feeling overwhelmed trying to make a go of your business? How much better might you be doing if you had the same advantages they have? I know all of this because I spent most of the last 10 years providing big businesses with “can’t miss” business systems. Now I want to help you.


Will It Work for You?

Well first, I need you to know that there is nothing wrong with you.

If you’ve been following all the online advice from one marketing “expert” after another, but achieving lackluster results, it’s not you.

There are just 2 paths to great revenue in business: luck and effective systems.

You’ve probably been getting a lot of advice from people who were basically lucky, then wondering why you can’t duplicate their results.


What “Repeatable and Reliable” Can Do for You

I’m team “Systems.” I believe in pursuing the approach to business planning and execution that’s repeatable and reliable for anyone with a decently good product or service to sell and a willingness to be disciplined in how they approach business.

In other words, yes you can do this, but only if you will!
That’s what the big guys have: they have a team of people who put systems in place for them, another team who implements those systems every day, and yet another who is always analyzing performance and improving the systems to improve results.


The great news is…

You can learn to do all of that yourself, and you don’t need to be working crazy hours to do it, because you don’t need to pay loads of employees and insatiable shareholders. You simply need help setting up your 3-step revenue acceleration system, then guidance in applying it within your day-to-day business life.

I want to also teach you to do that in a way that’s the right balance of spaciousness and structure, so that you can have both peace of mind AND revenue growth.


Ready to Learn?

My Revenue Accelerator process will allow you to finally say goodbye to overwhelming effort with scant returns, and hello to focused action that achieves your revenue goals.

If you’re ready to learn how this process will work for you and what you’ll achieve in just 2 short months, just scroll down to take a look at some of the program elements, then complete the Awaken Discovery Assessment to request a free consultation with me in which we can explore whether the 2 month Revenue Accelerator is the perfect solution for you.

You can do this!  And it’s even going to be fun!

What we will cover within your Revenue Accelerator experience


Your business needs a cohesive system for moving prospects from PR and marketing, into sales, into ever increasing value-add you can provide to them. We'll design this entire solution for your unique business offerings then select and implement the technical systems needed for you to run all these elements of the business with confidence and clarity.


The key to peace of mind is planning. We'll start your program with prioritization and strategic planning from Outcome goals, through Performance goals and KPIs, to the task level. That way, at any given moment you can work with complete focus, knowing that what you're doing directly contributes to your 3 month goals. Primary objective: focused efforts and peace of mind.


If you had a feedback system you could trust early on to let you know when you were moving in the wrong or right direction before you went too far, how could you miss? You would simply do more of what works and less of what doesn't work until you achieved your goals. We're going to create just such a system for you and then I'm going to teach you how to use it within your day-to-day business life.

Complete the Awaken Discovery Assessment now so that we can meet and find out whether the Revenue Accelerator is the right solution for you.

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