Awaken Mature Business Services

For businesses adding new staff and expanding into greater impact

Working with me, you’ll prioritize for highest return on effort, tap into your inner guidance system, and do the right things in the right order to break through to the next level of your success.

Optimize what you’re doing with effective business processes and systems to manage those processes. And do so without losing track of your “why,” even as you engage deeply in the “how” of effectively running a business. Let’s create results that are both meaningful and measurable.

Let’s get something started that’s going to amaze everyone, including you.

Whatever you have already accomplished, you are more than you have as yet realized. Let me help you expand into that with skill, joy and fun. Let’s create according to Spirit’s highest vision for you.

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What we may focus on in your custom business developmental program


Whether it's documenting business processes for performing key job functions of each position or the functional plan for the business, let's get it recorded so that it can be built upon.


Normalize a sense of freedom and confident clarity in how you develop your business, even as we work on the project of creating the structures that will support that freedom and certainty.


Prioritization and strategic planning from Outcome goals, through Performance goals and KPIs, to the task level, done from a spirit-centered perspective, but using proven methodologies. Primary objective: focused efforts, and peace of mind.


Optimization system for analyzing data the business is providing, to make better and better decisions.


Developing your natural leadership style and authority using artistic metaphors. e.g. Managing teams as a cooperative dance of joyful co-creation. Igniting teams around the story you are sharing with them.


Honing intuitive skills so that you can clearly hear, accurately interpret and confidently follow the meta level insight that is just as available to you as it was to Einstein.

These are just some of the possibilities. Each program is custom designed for the unique needs of your business at this point in its development.

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