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The Natural Life

by Indigo on April 7, 2015 7 comments

Thunderstorms, roses and the embrace of a tree-filled landscape…

As I sit here at the close of a full day of reading, writing, creating, sharing, instructing and hopefully inspiring, I can’t help but laugh a little.

Life is funny. It’s convoluted and unexpected and completely uncontrollable. You work so hard to create something, then have it all fall into your lap as soon as you give up. You take a walk along a winding path and a chance encounter leads to a life-altering opportunity. You chat with the hairdresser and before you know it you’ve helped a non-profit get sponsored by the United Way.

Life is absurd, and blustery, and completely uncontrollable. It grows wild like my roses. It sways in the wind, but is forever rooted, like my tree-lined vista, as I sit here in the dining room (having abandoned my rather gloomy office at the other end of the house).

Life is lived in the days we sit here typing, go there walking, share there laughing, guide, protect, comfort, rejoice…

The journey is the destination. The work is learning to be satisfied with that. No, not just satisfied. Thrilled. Over-joyed. Utterly hysterical with the sheer delight of each day. The work is that the work itself be the destination.

This is what my enlightenment looks like today. It is productive. Is is easy. It is filled with roses and chocolate and pizza and a dishwasher repair man for good measure. What will it look like tomorrow?

Isn’t it wonderful how generous life is? It doesn’t require we strive for awakening. The awakened mind reveals itself within our lives all on its own, whenever we get out of the way and let it. Whenever we are willing to dance along beside it, whooping and hollering all the way.

Cheers to your laughing grace and your winking face.


Indigo is the founder of Awaken Business Consulting and Aspiratech business technology firm. She is also the host of Conscious Business Leaders TV. Indigo specializes in helping entrepreneurs build strong business structures in a way that integrates their intuition and inspiration. Want a free consultation with Indigo about your business's forward trajectory? Start by taking the Business Health Assessment at either or

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  • Barrett - April 8, 2015 reply

    You are very conscious and intentional about having an awakened mind. For this to become organic or natural, it has been my experience that there is a need to make it a practice…a daily practice. Then, the days such as you describe, flow much easier, more frequently. The days like you describe here are deeply content and wonderful. I am inspired to embrace what comes to me.

  • Indigo - April 8, 2015 reply

    Yes, absolutely. Enjoyment is my practice. I like to say I am committed to forever remaining easily delighted. Welcome to the blog, Barrett, and thanks so much for you insightful comment.

  • Charlotte's Little Web - April 13, 2015 reply

    This is lovely. It is so, so true—life itself is extraordinary if we let it be. Your words are as calming as they are inspiring. If we wait patiently, and look closely, there is an abundance of beauty in every day. Thank you for sharing your enlightenment. It has surely brightened my day!

    Indigo - April 13, 2015 reply

    Thanks, Charlotte. And welcome to the new blog!

  • Claire - April 13, 2015 reply

    wow your words are beautiful and touching! I love your blog!

  • Jenn, - April 14, 2015 reply

    This is just lovely. I especially liked “The journey is the destination. The work is learning to be satisfied with that.”

  • Indigo - April 15, 2015 reply

    Thanks for your kind words, Claire and Jenn. Sometimes I write from my logistical mind (how-to posts) and sometimes I just let it flow with what’s up. Glad you like the mix.

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