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Webinar Software Comparison: EasyWebinar vs. WebinarJam vs. the Others

by Indigo on April 21, 2015 263 comments

Egads! This isn’t as much fun as it looks.

I love the idea of doing webinars.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is getting to talk to people about the topics I find most fascinating. Webinars present a great opportunity for a conversation with dozens of people interested in the same topic, and without all the logistics for renting meeting space, getting the chairs set up, transporting presentation equipment to the event site, and so on that are associated with a physical event. Great idea. So much promise.

I eagerly evaluated the following options: (Do a quick scan, then come back and analyze after reading the rest of the article, and it will be much more meaningful.)

SoftwareMonthly costAttendee limitNotesWebsite
Webinar Jam$33.00NoneWorks off google hangouts; hosted by platform; integrates with autoresponders; use Ever Webinar version for automated webinars or
Easy Webinar$33.00NoneWorks off google hangouts; hosted on own website; integrates with autoresponders; live and automated webinars; some w/ extra costs
Anymeeting$18/7825/200Standard webinar features; free for 200 with ads, no autoresponder email integration
Meeting Burner$40/10050/1000Autoresponder email integration; integrates with FB also; can’t customize registration page
Zoom$15/$5550/100Real-time broadcast features; no autoresponder email integration; no registration email sequence; more like Skype for more attendees
GotoWebinar$99/$499100/1000Standard webinar features; Integration with Instapage; industry standard
Maestro Conference$97/14775/150Allows breakout sessions (small group discussions); can be web and phone or just phone
Crowdcast for Hangouts$2950No longer is there a version that works on GHO tech. There used to be a free plan that provided unlimited attendees and all features except email exports or audience analytics, but it has been discontinued. Recommended for occasional webinars, since $29 is month-to-month price.
Webinar Ninja$85/155200/500Major price increase recently because now off GHO tech. Now is real-time. Also now includes anytime offers appearing. No integration with email providers, but well developed internal email notification system.
WebinarAlly$2799 one-timeNoneThis is basically just a way of embedding a GHO session into your WordPress site. You create your own landing page that you integrate with your autoresponder for sending notification emails. It provides no stats or chat function.


A few special notes as you analyze this table… I’ve translated all costs into monthly, but you pay a year in advance for WebinarJam (WJ) and Easy Webinar (EW) and Webinar Ninja (WJ). The others offer monthly payment plans, which I’ve listed, and provide discounts if you pay a year in advance. Also, the price for WJ supposedly goes up at midnight tonight, so I listed both prices.

WJ and EW both use Google Hangouts to stream the webinars. This has its pluses and minuses. You can have unlimited attendees because hangouts allows that, and you can also make your events discoverable on Google+ if you want that. Webinars are also automatically recorded to your YouTube channel associated with your Google+ profile (won’t go to page’s YouTube channel!).

If you don’t want those features, then they would be minuses, but most people will consider those benefits. The downside is that free technology isn’t always the most reliable. And Google has no incentive to keep its technology in sync with the code add-on vendors are using to profit off their free service. This may be why I’ve had so many problems with WebinarJam.

My [Original] Must-Haves

Because I use MailChimp for my autoresponder email software, it was vital to me that any Hosting software integrate with that, so that I could see attendance and other webinar related information in the same place I segment to send targeted emails. If I know someone registered for the webinar but did not attend, I would send them a different email than someone who attended, for example.

I also wanted the ability to combine live event streaming (for Q&A especially) with some pre-recorded portions, for optimal training delivery. Being able to “set it and forget it” for automated/evergreen webinars would be even better.

Lastly, I didn’t want to pay a lot for this, because I knew they were going to be free webinars intended to introduce the public to the topics that interest me most and hopefully find good matches for my mailing list (people who would want to actually read the weekly emails I would send them).

The Ones I Purchased and Tested

Because of my must-haves, I was able to rule out everything except EW and WJ. The others were either too expensive or didn’t integrate with MailChimp.

I bought WJ first, because it cost $100 less. (Yes, I actually am that price sensitive. Not that I don’t have the money to spend if I want, but my financial approach is to maximize revenue and minimize expenses, particularly recurring expenses.)

I was really wanting to love it. And honestly, I did love it’s free training series, WebinarGenesis. That was really helpful and informative and worth the price of loaning this company $297 for a few weeks while I clarified that this can’t possibly work for my current webinar intentions.

Here’s why…

Why I Hate May Be Resigned to WebinarJam

I have backed off from hating this app, now that I understand its limitations and have accepted them, and gotten other parts of the system to work properly. But I wasted three five days of my life trying to get their system to work, including countless support tickets. I believe I now know the size of their support team, because I’m sure I spoke with all of them at some point. They tried to be helpful, but were sometimes uninformed.

Like when I was told that the YouTube channel video never shows the segments of the webinar where you play any pre-recorded video. That only their “replay” version within their system does. Okay… then tell me where I access this perfect recording you claim you made for me.

That took an extra couple days, but then when I did hear back I was given misinformation. I was sent a video in which the presenter copies the live link from the webinar to access the replay. Multiple hours of testing and emails later,  I finally figured out that she meant I needed to use the “back door” link to access the replay. Still, I really appreciate the effort that went into helping me get the feature to work, to the point of creating screencast videos showing it. Would have just helped so much more to be sent the correct info the first time.

Turns out 1) there are no automated events with WJ, only live (this is now handled by purchasing Ever Webinar and getting Webinar Jam with it); and 2) You cannot download the replay to edit it, then upload the edited version. (You can only download the YouTube version, that lacks any WJ features, like pre-made video you included, chat, etc.) So if you intend to have different promotions at different replay times, you’d better just have those on a changing sales page and not mention the details in the live webinar at all.

They are coming out with a new product that will allow automated webinars. With my purchase of WJ, it seems that when that is released I will get 6 free months, meaning it will be an extra cost after that.

That was just one thing. I also couldn’t stand the lack of flexibility with its registrations pages, but unfortunately encountered a CSS conflict between its button and my website. So I wound up having no choice but to use one of their templates, where you can’t even change colors.

This of course is unlikely to affect most people. I just wish they gave me the option of using my own button with a simple URL to pass people to their registration process, instead of forcing me to use their button that includes its own CSS. I don’t have time to wade through all my CSS to try to fix the conflict.

I also couldn’t stand that I had no way to do upsells on the thank you page after people register for the event. That is where I would normally offer attendees an inexpensive extra that would compliment the free material in the webinar.

It is good to do that not only to cover some of your expenses for marketing the free webinar, but also to determine early on whether a new contact is someone open to buying from you, or just a consumer of free information. You can’t know that early if they are definitely the latter, but you can certainly find out if they are the former, by their willingness to accept the thank you page offer.

With WJ, all you can put on the post-registration thank you/confirmation page is a video or image and text. No live links. No javascript. No HTML of any kind.

I could go on like this, but suffice to say, I couldn’t get it to work the way I want in sundry ways, and will be getting a refund as soon as I get around to it. though it has significant drawbacks, WJ is still in the running for the platform I will use for my webinars.

Why Easy Webinar Gives Me a Sad Face

After my experience with WJ, I was ready to pay the extra $100 to upgrade to Easy Webinar (EW). Unfortunately, it seems I need a degree in web sciences to use this thing. Easy? Easy Webinar?

Look, I’ve made a lot of websites in my day. I made this one. And I’ve implemented I don’t even know how many different business technology systems for companies in the Fortune 500. I’m not exactly tech-challenged. But this is a lot of work to set up.

Turns out that having it hosted on your website instead of their own platform means you have a lot more to customize. Plus, from the sending of the pre-event emails to the hosting of the pre-recorded videos you want to incorporate into your live event, you will find yourself being prompted to integrate outside services.

I never had any plans to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Sendgrid, but I’ve now signed up for the former and was on the verge of also purchasing the latter when I decided to take a step back and re-evaluate this entire idea.

Here are the instructions EW provides for setting up your pre-recorded video: EW Video set-up instructions. You tell me how excited you are about diving in.

Now I know why they recommend setting up a business of using their technology to run people’s webinars for them. You could charge people $50/webinar. If they are doing one large webinar per month, that would be a great deal. They don’t pay the high ongoing fees of the other vendors, and don’t have to set up their webinars on Easy Webinar either. In fact, if you’re selling that, contact me. I’m interested.

Despite its problems, at least WJ made setting up a new webinar and sending out the pre-event emails so much simpler. They also allowed tracking of sales with javascript code you add to your shopping vendor’s final thank you page. EW only does that if you use Infusionsoft, which costs at least $300/m. Again and again, I found myself needing to pay extra to get what I was already getting with WJ (if WJ actually worked).

It wasn’t an extra $100/year. It was AWS (free the first year only and for only 20k accesses), and perhaps sendgrid, and infusionsoft, and so on. It was that, or letting go of one piece of functionality after another, that put it behind the other options out there. In the end, I have to wonder how much cheaper it really is than options like GotoWebinar, yet still relies upon access to free Google technology.

I do like the minor detail with EW that it allows you to click on whatever tab you want in the webinar creation process and go straight there. WJ forces you to page through each tab in order, even if you really just want to edit that last one. Or maybe it’s more that this detail irritates me about WJ.

(Addition after cancelling EW): But I absolutely HATED the nasty email I got from EW when I decided to cancel. Here are the contents of that email:

“We Have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We are confident that EasyWebinar will be the solution for you. We will literally get on the phone with you to make sure you webinarswork.

However, we are looking for real businesses who make real commitments. If you do not plan on using the software, please do not purchase it. If you will not go through the training or get on with our staff to assist you, then please do not use the software. We are 100% confident that the software can work EFFECTIVELY for you, just like so many of our thousands of users…

However, if after your own attempts, followed by our attempts with helping you get your events up and running, you are still not able to have any luck with our software, we will issue you a full refund within a 30 day period of time. Please note: There are no downgrades from one license to the next, however you can always upgrade a license after you purchase if desired.
This is what our refund policy is and we need to live upto its expectation”

Thankfully I’d already received the refund from ClickBank before I got this email, so it didn’t stress me. But what an a**hole way of communicating with customers. Does it occur to them that maybe one is a real business that makes real commitments, and knows how to use their tech, but simply doesn’t LIKE IT for reasons impossible to discover until one is in the app? Hence the importance of the money-back guarantee, so that there is no risk to test it and see if it does in fact work the way you want to work. Never again, Easy Webinar. Bad play.

So, what now?

Good question. I’m still trying to sort that one out. I know after going through WebinarGenesis that I definitely want to do webinars. It’s just perfect for the way I like to connect with people around my favorite topics (like freedom businesses, passive income to support time for spiritual practice, travel, community, etc., and spiritual laws affecting our lives). I’m definitely going to find a way to make it work.

I may have to adjust my ideas about how and at what scale.

Maybe instead of connecting it to my autoresponder, I sign people up for the webinar with the autoresponder itself, then just use the technology to host the webinar with something like Anymeeting. $78/m for 200 attendees isn’t outrageous, and I could even get it for free if I don’t mind immersing my attendees in sundry ads everywhere they turn. I wouldn’t be able to track webinar behavior through to the autoresponder, so it would mean just using it for audience building and nothing more.

Or maybe I let go of the idea of integrating any pre-recorded material in with live material editing my replays before publishing them or doing automated webinars. If I was going to do all live, WebinarJam would be the better choice, because it allows me to track any product purchases through to the attendee. I hear it gets a lot of its stats WRONG, such as saying 200 people attended when GoogleAnalytics says 350 people attended, but it at least tracks some visitor behaviors in the first place.

If I decide to do completely pre-recorded events, then I would need to go with Easy Webinar, unless I want to pay for an extra product from WJ after 6 months (starting from whenever they get it released in the first place). I’d have to just buckle down and set all this stuff up. Once I’ve done it the first time, subsequent webinars wouldn’t be that bad. If I had back the time I already wasted on WJ I could have already set up EW.

But I’d have to accept that I won’t be able to track product purchases resulting from the webinar to my webinar attendee list in EasyWebinar. It would therefore be a big headache to track the info to MailChimp also. I’d need yet another piece of outside software, this time, or perhaps somehow Zapier.

I may still check out have now done one live webinar with Zoom. I hear it eats up a lot of bandwidth, so your attendees on slower network connections may have a lot of technical problems streaming the webinar. I also saw that firsthand on one Zoom web event I attended, though thankfully my streaming was fine. It also lacks the integration with autoresponders or even its own pre-event email reminder sequence.  That’s something most of the other options offer, to great benefit when it comes to getting registrants to actually show up. I wound up adding an event date field to the registration form, and setting a date based auto-responder sequence in MailChimp to do automatic reminders and send the replay afterward. Since I’m already using Zoom for my business, and already have MC as well, it basically cost me nothing to run that webinar.

Another possibility is that I might just pay the extravagant costs for GoToWebinar and simply go with the industry standard. It won’t allow me to seamlessly integrate pre-recorded video the way Easy Webinar would, but it would be pretty reliable (nothing is 100%, and I’ve had GoToMeeting events have technical problems quite a few times over the years). It would be very, very easy to get started using right away, though I would still need to use Zapier to integrate with MailChimp.

(See the conclusion of this post under “And the Winner is” for what I’ve actually decided to do going forward.)

Addition on MeetingBurner…

[Added 4/22/15] I had thought about actually switching autoresponders, using aweber instead of Mailchimp, just so I could use MeetingBurner. Thankfully I heard from their sales support team today that about a month ago they added support for MailChimp and some other autoresponders. I will therefore evaluate that product next. At $40-100/m it isn’t so different from the Google reliant options, unless I want more than 1,000 webinar attendees. Maybe by the time I do I’ll be ready to take on Easy Webinar.

The only problem with MeetingBurner is that if you are using it to grow your list, you may wind up with less than stellar results. That’s because it makes registering for the webinar and subscribing to the email list a 2 step process for the attendee, even if it is only one for you. They enter their info once on a single registration page, yes, but then they get 2 emails–one with all the info they need to attend the webinar and the other your list’s normal double-opt-in email sequence. If they don’t bother to confirm subscription to the mailing list, they can still attend the webinar.

You also have absolutely no ability to edit the registration confirmation page, beside adding a text message of your choice. No HTML, graphics, links, etc. What I loved was that you could let people sign up with Facebook and post their registration to their timeline. Great for ease of use and viral marketing. And being registered through FB still sends them the autoresponder double-opt-in sequence, so if they want to be added to this mailing list they have yet to hear anything about, they can. The email associated with their FB profile will then be added to your mailing list.

Note that MeetingBurner keeps track of a user in the browser with cookies. So if they register with one email address, then come back and try to register again with another, it will track everything to the email address they used the first time. May not be an issue in practice, but I encountered it during my tests, and was glad to see it.

MeetingBurner also doesn’t function properly in Chrome Browser, because as of last week Chrome won’t let Java play. MB relies upon Java running in the browser of the presenter. I had to do all my testing using Firefox, which as Firefox is prone to do, crashed a couple times.

So still not a perfect solution, but I can see why a lot of people like MB. I consider it to be on my maybe list.

Crowdcast UPDATE June 2015: Did a webinar earlier today with and have now decided it is absolutely the best webinar software out there once all factors are considered. Not only was it super easy to get up and running with, but I found a way to embed not only the sign up but even the playing of the webinar on a page on my website that was as simple as copy and paste, and then there is nothing to do to make the webinar available as an evergreen webinar. The page just converts from a live sign up page to a replay sign up page as soon as it is done.

I even downloaded my webinar video from YT, edited out the beginning and end where I was stumbling around, then uploaded the edited to version to YT and in just a couple clicks I had the edited version of the webinar available in place of the original. No one would be the wiser. Super easy product to use, and the affordable pricing (free or $30 on a monthly basis if you want to export email addresses instead of emailing only through their system) seals the deal for me.

Crowdcast UPDATE November 2015:Well the only thing constant in online tech is change. no longer has any free plan and the main service no longer runs on Google Hangouts technology. It also costs much more, and I don’t find it competitive.  They have renamed the original services as Hangouts (which has since also been discontinued) and discontinued the free plan entirely. You now get a 1 week free trial. It is still a decent price, at $29/m for unlimited participants 50 participants, but I was really disappointed to see that they didn’t even grand-father in people who’d signed up under the previous free plan.

New Webinar Ninja review

Because the Webinar Ninja (WN) software has changed so radically since I last reviewed it, I’ve decided to completely scrap my previous review (not strikethrough) and start from scratch. Here is my review as of Nov. 2016.

If I was a teacher grading a student, WN’s semester grade would be a B-. Not bad, but definitely needs improvement.


    • No 30 second delay, because it doesn’t rely on GHO. This is a life saver for those of us who offer highly interactive webinars.
    • Acceptable price point for being off GHO
    • Most features work as intended
    • Decent number of integrations
    • Most needed marketing features are present
    • Offers a variety of different types of webinars, including evergreen and anytime
    • Useful stats for things like conversions of visitors
    • Great support
    • Trustworthy company


    • CSV exports for attended don’t include replay viewers and in fact I can’t find any way of getting a list of replay viewers even on screen. It just shows you the number of replay viewers on screen, which is higher than the number of people in the “attended” export.
    • That wouldn’t be as much of a problem if the tracking code embed feature for the webinar viewing page worked, but it doesn’t wind up embedded even when it is saved to the page, so no way to track attendees elsewhere–like your autoresponder. (Right now they say the only tracking code it actually inserts is the Facebook pixel.)
    • People can fast forward in the replays, evergreen and anytime webinars
    • Offers show all the time in evergreen and anytime webinars, rather than your being able to choose at what minute in the video they appear
    • Autoresponder integrations are too limited in scope (which fields are integrated)

On Balance:
My problem with Webinar Ninja is with the marketing effectiveness of using this. There are more pros, but the cons are deal-breakers for my needs.

For example, I can’t speak about all the autoresponder integrations, but the one with Active Campaign (my current autoresponder) doesn’t include the date of the webinar they’ve registered for. In combination with the above cons, it basically boils down to no ability whatsoever to send certain emails to those who watched the webinar and others emails to those who registered but haven’t seen it (with the latter group only getting those emails after their webinar date has already passed, regardless of how far in advance they registered). In fact, you can’t even send an email sequence to everyone who registered that only begins AFTER the date of their webinar has passed.

Now the tracking code not getting embedded is a flaw needing a fix, so presumably they’ll get that working at some point.  Once that’s done, tracking code within my autoresponder will be able to sort out who has attended the webinar, so at least I can trigger emails by that. I’ll have to forgo any way to send automated emails just to those who registered but did not attend live or watch the replay until WN decides to add a “webinar date” field to the integration with AC (trigger: contact’s webinar date has passed and he has not visited the webinar page to attend live or view the replay).

But as of this writing, this is how it is. No ability to effectively market post-webinar without talking nonsense like, “Here’s what you missed” when their webinar hasn’t even happened yet. And certainly nothing beyond that.

That said, you can use the internal email feature to send post-webinar emails and segment by having attended the webinar or not. I suspect that also doesn’t track replay viewers (which generally is most viewers), but I didn’t test that to be sure. Even if that feature would work adequately to accurately track everyone who did or did not view the webinar by the time the email is scheduled to be sent (X days post webinar date), you also have the issue of sending from the WN system.

Your emails won’t look like the regular emails you send with your autoresponder in terms of formatting. They’ll also come from a server that seems to trigger spam filters more than my autoresponder does (even using the same “from” email address for both). And they’ll all be tagged with “You too can be a WebinarNinja” with the WN name a live link to a sales page for the webinar software. Far less than ideal. And I’m not even clear on how their post-emails can be set to go out X days after the webinar date, just that I can create post emails and split recipients by attendees and non-attendees.

In the end what I’ve realized is that though for the 2 webinars I’ve done with the new software, and the one additional one I have coming up tonight, all of which are with people I have an existing relationship with, OK. This has worked well enough. I don’t really need to market to them after the webinar beyond sending the replay and whatever offer reminder within that email. And the system does send one replay email or the other to everyone, so good enough.

But by the time I need to do this with a group of people who barely know me at the time of the webinar, I’m going to need something much more robust for the marketing. Honestly, for what I’ve done so far I almost could have just used Zoom, which I already have for group program meetings.

My next step is going to be to take a look at some of the webinar platforms you readers have suggested in the comments since I finished my last batch of testing & reviews. Watch for new section additions as I see what I see. Wish me luck folks! I’m going back in.

Autumn 2016 Update and Current Conclusions

I see three good options, that will appeal to different people for diverse reasons, but that on balance between pluses and minuses present the best deals.

1 – There are those who won’t be doing webinars that often, won’t have audiences above maybe 50-100 participants, and want something highly interactive. That’s like me, and for me it’s back to Zoom and Active Campaign Mailchimp for live trainings, and regular video players behind an email gate for “evergreen” ones. It’s not perfect, but: 1) it’s tech I already have for other purposes; and 2) Zoom costs me only $100/year for up to 50 participants per training (which is enough for my current audience sizes), so even if I did have to buy it just for this purpose, would be a negligible expense.

I do however have to manually upload the replay after the webinar, then manually add that newly created link to the reply email before it goes out. I also have to create my own landing page, whether using my site theme of something like LeadPages or ClickFunnels (be ready for the auto-playing video on the clickfunnels site).

If you don’t plan to do a post-webinar email sequence using your autoresponder, Webinar Ninja may prove to be a good option, since not relying on GHO means there is no 30 second delay. It’s pricier than the Zoom option, but does come with more marketing support (like attendance stats, clickable offers that appear when you show them, pre-made landing pages, etc.)

2 – There are those who will do frequent live webinars that are not that interactive (so no problem using the GHO tech to run the webinars), may have larger audiences sometimes, and just want something on their own website that does more of the work for them than option 1 does. For them WebinarAlly at only a one-time cost of $9927 is a no-brainer. I may even switch to it myself at some point, if I decide to make my webinars less interactive.

With WA the replay is available on the website immediately.  You still have to create your own landing page though, and that will also provide integration with your autoresponder.

3 – There are those who will be doing evergreen webinars where they want to control the viewer experience (no fast forward or replay, click through offers display at certain times, etc.), don’t mind relying on the GHO tech, want landing pages, attendance stats, and integrated emailing without needing an autoresponder. For them the best option seems to be Ever Webinar right now, but I’m going to be researching this one further. (I just found an offer for $1 for 60 days from them, so just changed that link to be that!)

I’m still a little iffy about that company, to be honest. But I’m hoping to see an increase in their transparency in the coming months and years. On a purely technical, dollars and sense level, they seem to be presenting the best evergreen, hybrid, live full-service webinar platform. They definitely offer the best webinar training program included with purchase of the webinar service.

Addendum: I can’t speak from personal experience, because I haven’t used it myself yet, but I’ve been hearing more and more good things about Zoom Webinars. You basically pay extra on top of a regular Zoom subscription to also have the webinar feature, which among other things allows you to stream directly to Facebook Live. It’s about $40/m for 100 attendees (on top of your regular Zoom subscription) and goes up from there. I’m probably going to be giving this one a try within the next month or two, and will come back to report my findings.

How about you? What are you using? What is your “must-have” and how much are you willing to pay each month for webinar technology?

(Note that I’ve used affiliate links where I could find them above, but I search for and add affiliate links after I write my articles. Just find what has the pluses that matter the most to you and the minuses that matter the least to you. Go forth and prosper.)


Indigo is the founder of Awaken Business Consulting and Aspiratech business technology firm. She is also the host of Conscious Business Leaders TV. Indigo specializes in helping entrepreneurs build strong business structures in a way that integrates their intuition and inspiration. Want a free consultation with Indigo about your business's forward trajectory? Start by taking the Business Health Assessment at either or

IndigoWebinar Software Comparison: EasyWebinar vs. WebinarJam vs. the Others


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  • Renee Beck, Oakland LMFT - April 22, 2015 reply

    This is great information! Thank you so much for putting it together!

  • Indigo - April 22, 2015 reply

    You’re welcome. It actually helped me organize my thoughts. I am still working with WJ support to try to get their features working the way I need. I’m making some progress, so will update this once it is all worked out.

    Kemar Cockburn - April 17, 2016 reply

    Hi Indigo,
    Any updates to this article as it relates to webinar jam and evergreen webinars?

    Indigo - April 18, 2016 reply

    I’m not sure what update you’re looking for. I’ve finalized this article with subsequent comments as recently as just a few weeks ago. I realize it is a long article, but the way it is written is “as discovered” over time. So you have to read to the bottom to get all the info on some of the platforms. My finalize analysis addresses the Ever Webinar product.

  • Peggy Haymes - April 22, 2015 reply

    I just did my first webinar with Webinars on Air last week and found the system pretty easy. I didn’t try out all the features but was able to do a scree share with PowerPoint and the webinar immediately loaded to YouTube.

    Indigo - April 22, 2015 reply

    Thanks, Peggy. I’ll check that out!

  • Anje - April 28, 2015 reply

    This is really helpful! I’ve been reviewing webinar apps for weeks and going in circles. Thanks.

  • Geoff Reese - June 3, 2015 reply

    Hey Indigo, I appreciate the info. Wondering if you’ve had any further luck with WJ. I did purchase it but hearing a lot of pros and cons with it which makes me nervous. I haven’t done my first webinar yet with WJ but I don’t want to end up with a black eye. Any update on your experience since this post?

    Indigo - June 3, 2015 reply

    I wound up getting a refund, and I’m glad I did. I heard from some people recently that there was a big problem with their system a couple weeks ago. I wound up trying out 4 other vendors and got refunds from them all. I’m now planning on using Uber Conference and manual Google Hangouts in combination with my autoresponder and skip the webinar software. It is more cost-effective this way and the tech is more reliable.

    Indigo - September 5, 2015 reply

    Geoff, I think I’ve got the solution for you. Crowdcast! See the update above.

    Doesn’t have the sales funnel features of WJ, but less expensive and much easier to use. Loving it!

    Geoff Reese - September 9, 2015 reply

    Thanks for the update Indigo. I’m looking at it right now. It’s still on the Google hangouts platform though, right? How’s the delay with it. Still the same as with WJ?

    Indigo - September 9, 2015 reply

    Yeah, still GHO and still a delay… seems to be about 45 seconds. Now I know why webinars generally only address questions at the end. You really feel the delay only when you first start and when you need to interact with chat.

    Geoff Reese - September 9, 2015

    Cool, thanks. Looks interesting. At $30 mo it’s still a little more expensive than WJ. I guess the options you mentioned about embedding on your site, etc. make the difference for you. Haven’t checked WJ lately for those options.

  • Peggy - June 3, 2015 reply

    Not so fast on Webinars on Air. 30 minutes before my last one Google Hangouts wouldn’t let me on. What a mess! Never again will I depend on hangouts.

    Indigo - June 3, 2015 reply

    Yeah, I think they had problems at the same time WJ did. It seems to be something in the connection between their software and Google Hangouts tech they are [exploiting] using. I think I mentioned this, but to reiterate even if I did, there is no guarantee that Google is going to let companies continue making so much money off their free offering. That’s why I see it better to either use webinar software that doesn’t rely on hangouts, or just use hangouts directly with your own autoresponder for signing people up and sending reminders.

    Indigo - September 9, 2015 reply

    Actually it is a little less than WJ currently is. It is now $397/yr and paid yearly. The option to pay monthly makes CC even cheaper. But I’m actually using the free plan now anyway. I don’t need to export the email addresses. I’m fine just emailing through the internal system.

  • Judy - September 16, 2015 reply

    So, with a little searching, I have found your webinar review and feel a sisterhood with you, having taken the last 3 hours to read all the review sites online – yours is the best. Very much appreciate it. I’ve spent several years analyzing many different online business options – bought many I ended up hating because I felt they wasted my time – BUT there is a feeling of accomplishment as more and more pieces are falling into place, finally. And since I understand more tech lingo and web set-up processes, I think learning so much and seeing where I want to go ALL IN ONE DAY is a major breakthrough. Thanks so much for all your hard work, and willingness to share it. That’s the spiritual growth that comes through your discussion. Blessings, Judy

    Indigo - November 21, 2015 reply

    I’m really glad this helped you, Judy. Note that update I just added today on Crowdcast… changed with no grand-fathering! I next will review Webinar Ninja.

    Tanika - November 26, 2015 reply

    I can’t wait to see your review on Webinar Ninja. I’ve used Google Hangouts On Air on it’s own and didn’t have great success with that. I’m on a 30 day trial with Webinars On Air and I’m still having problems with the lag and my clients signing into the live webinar. I just recently came across Webinar Ninja and I’m curious to try that one out. I’d really love to find software that doesn’t use Google Hangouts and has all the features of Webinar Jam. I’m still searching, but glad I’ve found this information and review you’ve given as well. Thank you!

  • Martin - September 18, 2015 reply

    Fantastic review, Indigo! Really, really valuable information you’ve shared here, and I sincerely appreciate it. I’ve been struggling for a full two weeks now in deciding which webinar software to use. After realizing that GoToWebinar is fairly antiquated, I narrowed the field down to Easy Webinar and WebinarJam. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that neither was actually the best option. Then I found your post, and I’m not looking into Crowdcast. How ironic that the best option could end up being free to use (I also wouldn’t need the email exporting option). Some of the technical hurdles and limitations of EW and WJ sound absolutely atrocious. I’m wondering if you’ve found any other issues with Crowdcast that may be helpful to know about (or avoid) as I get started with it? Again, thank you so much for your generous and incredibly informed advice and information. You did an outstanding job putting this page together. Thanks again, Indigo!!

    Indigo - September 18, 2015 reply

    The only little “wish it was different” with Crowdcast is that people are able to fast forward in the replay the same as any other video. Most webinar software removes the ability to fast forward from replays. If it is important to you to have a captive audience until you make an offer at the end, this may be a deal breaker. For my needs it all works more than adequately on the free program.

  • Martin - September 19, 2015 reply

    That’s not too big of an issue, definitely something I can live with. I’m amazed that after all this searching I’m going to be able to settle on something that’s free (in large part, thanks to Google). What have you found to be the best way to invite people to register for your webinar using Crowdcast? Is there a link you can create and send out by email, and do attendees go through a regular registration process? Thanks again, Indigo. Your help is sincerely appreciated!

    Indigo - September 19, 2015 reply

    The easiest way for you to answer your questions about Crowdcast is to just sign up and test it. It’s free and super intuitive to use. It will take you 10 minutes to completely figure it out.

    Indigo - November 21, 2015 reply

    Hi Martin. Please see the update I added today on Crowdcast… changed with no grand-fathering! I next will review Webinar Ninja.

    thilan legierse - November 21, 2015 reply

    That’s funny. I just canceled my subscription as well. The new version is not cheap either. $89 monthly for 100 participants.

    Indigo - November 21, 2015 reply

    Yeah, the only one that makes sense now is the Crowdcast for Hangouts one, which is the old one without the free option. It’s $29/m for unlimited. But I’m definitely going to be testing Webinar Ninja soon.

  • Martin - September 19, 2015 reply

    Perfect, thanks!

  • thilan legierse - September 22, 2015 reply

    Thanks for this blog. I have been indecisive for a while after I did some free webinar trials. I will definitely give crowdcast a go. Great research.

    Indigo - September 23, 2015 reply

    Glad it helps. There are a lot of choices, with pluses and minuses to each… and constantly changing!

    Indigo - November 21, 2015 reply

    Thilan, please see the update I added today on Crowdcast… changed with no grand-fathering! I next will review Webinar Ninja.

  • Curt - October 6, 2015 reply

    Indigo, great review. Thanks. Was one of those platforms that you tried and got a refund on Webinar Ninja? I am looking at them now and wondering what your thoughts on are on it.

    Indigo - October 6, 2015 reply

    I never got to test it because I found Crowdcast first. If I wasn’t using it, I’d probably try Webinar Ninja first. I like their spokesperson a lot, in that he seems down to earth and sincere, not salesy. That inspires confidence. If you like the tech, please come back and let us know.

    Curt - October 6, 2015 reply

    Since reading your post and comments I looked at Crowdcast and like what I see. Seems super easy to use, and you can pay monthly, which none of the others seem to offer. I think I’m going to try it.

  • Kysha M - October 14, 2015 reply

    Thank you so much! I appreciate this article and your findings. I’m going to try Crowdcast and let you know what I thought.

    Indigo - October 14, 2015 reply

    I’m so glad you find this helpful, Kysha. Please do let me know how it goes.

    Indigo - November 21, 2015 reply

    Kysha, please see the update I added today on Crowdcast… changed with no grand-fathering! I next will review Webinar Ninja.

  • John Harvey - November 15, 2015 reply

    Hey Indigo, thanks for the research and time put into sharing this with us. Looks like I will give CrowdCast a go also.. Would be perfect if they let me play pre-recorded videos to blend into my live webinar.. Time to give it a test drive. thank you again 🙂

    Indigo - November 16, 2015 reply

    I’m so glad to hear it helped you. It was a pretty great find from my end as well. Hope it serves you well in practice. Let me know if you encounter any drawbacks or hidden benefits I didn’t see.

    Indigo - November 21, 2015 reply

    Hi John. Please see the update I added today on Crowdcast… changed with no grand-fathering! I next will review Webinar Ninja.

  • Dan R - November 23, 2015 reply

    Sorry can someone please confirm one thing for me, which of the webinar services actually lets you drop a LINK/URL into the webinar so that attendee can click on the link and be redirected to a landing page on my site to make a purchase…this is a must have for me.

    Indigo - November 23, 2015 reply

    I’m pretty sure every single one does that. I’ve not noticed any not having that feature at least. You have options of using different features to share it on the different services, but between chat, offers, etc. they always provide this. Not on the main screen as in a clickable slide when sharing your screen, but in the features that run along the side or bottom of the screen. That’s the same if you just use Google Hangouts by itself with no webinar software at all. Good luck with your webinar, Dan.

  • Dan R - November 23, 2015 reply

    Ty so much last question which of the tools you reviewed allows recorded video to be infused into the webinar

    Indigo - November 25, 2015 reply

    WebinarJam, WebinarNinja and Webinar FusionPro definitely provide this feature. I’m not sure about Webinar Ignition or Easy Webinar. I’m sure that those who don’t include Anymeeting and Meeting Burner, and GotoWebinars.

    Kay - December 31, 2015 reply

    You mentioned Webinar Ignition, I would advice against using their service, I signed up almost a month ago, the set up was extremely easy and it really looks great but I am having so many issues with getting the evergreen webinar set up its ridiculous and tech support can’t seem to figure out what the problem is, the sign up doesn’t do what its supposed to do, the webinar won’t play, it puts it on a completely wrong date as you sign up and the list goes on and one.

    Indigo - January 4, 2016 reply

    You’re lucky you even got as far as you did with WI. See my reply to another commentator about it. I had horrific problems to the point I couldn’t even do a webinar. I hope you encountered your problems within the refund period though. And yes, their tech support is worse than useless. If you want evergreen, I’d go with either Webinar Ninja or Ever Webinar. There are differences between them (such as using GHO tech or not, being able to customize pages more fully, etc.) but both seem like good overall options.

    Kay - January 4, 2016

    It actually got even worse, the plug in messed up my wordpress site so bad that I couldn’t even add any pages to my site, I now have to hire me a programmer to fix the coding issue.
    I did sign up with Webinar Ninja and I must say even though the creator is very basic and doesn’t allow for much customization I do like their product. I was able to set up my webinar within 30 minutes and I am ready to get started with my webinars.

    Indigo - January 10, 2016

    I’m so sorry to hear you had to go through all that. Thanks for sharing your story. You may spare someone else a lot of stress.

  • Vivian - December 6, 2015 reply

    Thank you for sharing your reviews of the various webinars. Can you share your findings of Webinar Ninja?

    Indigo - December 7, 2015 reply

    I just added Webinar Ninja to the bottom of the article today. I’ll update it again when I run my first live event using it, just to be sure everything works as intended for that as well. So far so good on the recorded ones.

    Vivian - December 11, 2015 reply

    Thank you for the update! I am also considering webinar ninja.

  • Tamika - December 11, 2015 reply

    Great article Indigo!!! Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about EverWebinar. Apparently its the new automated/evergreen option that goes along with WebinarJam that you spoke about. Have you had a chance to check it out? Do you think you’ll go back to the WebinarJam option now that it has the EverWebinar option?

    Indigo - December 11, 2015 reply

    Good to hear they finally made good on that promise from a year ago to offer that. I still won’t consider WJ again, given the other drawbacks I list with them that I do not encounter with Webinar Ninja. Plus WN costs less.

  • Omar Zenhom - December 16, 2015 reply

    Hey there Indigo! Thanks so much for giving us at Webinar Ninja a shot! We greatly appreciate you as a user because after all, without our users, we’re not relevant.

    A couple of notes, we are releasing a major update in late January 2016, you may read in our recent newsletter. This update has us moving away from Google Hangouts into our own broadcasting tech that will have zero delay in HD. We also will be updating all our UI and tutorials and be adding awesome interactive features like questions, polls and offer. Best of all, all current members WILL be grandfathered in 🙂

    Thanks again for choosing us. If anyone has any questions about Webinar Ninja, please feel free to contact our super friendly team at 🙂

    -Omar Zenhom
    Co-Founder of Webinar Ninja

    Indigo - December 16, 2015 reply

    Thanks for sharing this. I was trying to figure out how to work in this new info after receiving your most recent email on the coming changes. I still want to work this into the actual article. Great product! Thanks for your continuing work on making it even better.

    Tanika - December 17, 2015 reply

    So excited about the changes! Especially moving away from Google Hangouts! Will sign up for sure now! Thank you Indigo for this awesome post!

    Vivian - December 17, 2015 reply

    Thank you for the update. I am now official a Webinar Ninja. I will take some time to study how to spark some magic through my webinars. Thank you!

  • Adina - December 16, 2015 reply

    Hi Indigo,
    I will join the chorus in thanking you for your candid review. I’ve been researching webinar software and its so hard to sift through reviews, with all the sponsored/ affiliate ones and know who to trust. With yours you actually tried out these apps. I was totally about to buy easy webinar until I ready your experience. It does look really hard to use!
    How is it going with webinar ninja? Do you recommend it? I am looking to do live as well as automated webinars. It doesnt say on their Feature list whether webinar ninja does automated webinars. But it sounds like you can based on your review.

    Indigo - December 16, 2015 reply

    I’m loving Webinar Ninja, and yes, it does automated webinars. I’m promoting one of those now and it’s been doing really well. And now it turns out they are going to be moving off GHO tech, so no more 10-30 second delay! I’ll be updating the article to reflect this coming change soon. But just note that their prices will go up to cover that new tech in January, so if you’re definitely intending to do it, act within the next couple weeks.

  • Kitara Wilson - December 16, 2015 reply

    Happy Holidays, Indigo. Thank you so much for sharing your detailed experiences in your search for the perfect webinar platform/plugin to help others make informed decisions. I’ve been researching as well and came across WebinarIgnition. In your research and testing did you ever consider them? They offer a one-time fee with no recurring monthly charges. I’ve yet to come across a detailed review on them, even looked in Warrior Forum and only found a paid advertisement. WJ, EW and now EverWebinar which works with WJ are the standards I keep hearing about. I hadn’t come across WebinarNinja until reading your review and will now check that one out as well. Thanks again!

    Indigo - December 16, 2015 reply

    I did test them but I omitted them because I actually had such a bad experience with them that I didn’t even want to promote them by mentioning their name, even infamously. I don’t have the energy to relive all the gory details to describe them, but I’ll give you just one example of the problems I had with not just their tech, but their passive aggressive support team. I couldn’t get a number of their features to work, despite my having paid an extra $300 to upgrade my Bluehost hosting account per their requirements. So I filed a tech support ticket and one of their techs logged in to see if he could get it to work. In the process, he turned off key plugins that made my site function and just left them off when he stopped working, without telling me he had turned them off at all. I discovered it when I tried to go to the site the next day to add something and the site loaded as nothing but raw code! This is just one example of the miserable 2 weeks I went through with them. I would say you get what you pay for, but really, they should have paid me.

  • Adina - December 17, 2015 reply

    How did you do your email promotion for the webinar ninja webinar? I would like my emails to go through Mailchimp. Is it mandatory to use the webinar ninja email reminder tool?

    Indigo - December 18, 2015 reply

    I just used the internal system this time. I like that WN let’s you send from whatever email address you put in, instead of it coming from a system email address. In the past (when I did a webinar using Zoom, which has no internal email reminder system) I used MailChimp autoresponders. I liked the open rate stats I go that way and that I can include HTML in the emails, but the internal WN system is so much easier and quicker that going forward I’ll probably just use that. Time will tell.

  • Kitara Wilson - December 17, 2015 reply

    Wow! That sounds horrible. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alison Mahony - December 17, 2015 reply

    Indigo, thank you so much for a great review of all of the webinar options. I have read so many reviews and your’s is the best!

    Based on your review I have just signed up for Webinar Ninja, and all I can say is WOW! I am already setting up my Registration and Thank you pages and its so easy!

    Also wanted to let everyone know that there is a great 7 day course on Webinar Ninja (free), and I just did Day 1 of it. It too is really high quality and so simple to do. A pleasant surprise that came once I registered for the course is $50.00 off the annual fee of Webinar Ninja. Thought I would share that added incentive with you and your readers! 🙂 Based on what I have seen so far, Webinar Ninja is really great value.

    Indigo - December 18, 2015 reply

    I didn’t know about that. How did you get the course and the $50 off? Are you comfortable sharing the info for everyone here?

    Vivian - December 18, 2015 reply

    You can get it once you sign on to the 7 day course

    Alison Mahony - December 18, 2015 reply

    To get the $50.00 off go to . There is a sign up form for the free 7 day course. Sign up and once you do will get a confirmation email that has the $50.00 coupon in it and a link to the first lesson of the 7 day course.

    Indigo - December 18, 2015 reply


  • ramon - December 18, 2015 reply

    Hello. Thanks for your efforts with the reviews. I find it surprising and a that there are so little user reviews out there for these products. Seems the technology is still in its infancy, despite all the inflated marketing hype. I started researching this recently because of a Ev.Web promo Tai Lopez is aggressively pushing through his site. Ironically, I haven’t been able to access the Webinar Jam sessions he has recorded. So much for rock solid technology. The glitches don’t speak too highly of Tai’s quality control/customer service, and definitely reveal a lot about Webinar Jam/EverWebinar. They come across as sleek snake oil salesmen, particularly when there are absolutely no contrarian voices out there. Fishy indeed.
    Any updates on your progress with WebinarNinja are very welcome. I did notice a considerable time lag for your test webinar to start, and the registration form did not float properly on Android/Chrome to fill the blanks.

    Indigo - December 18, 2015 reply

    I think the problem, Ramon, is that people are making a lot of money on affiliate commissions on WebinarJam, so they have an incentive to promote it. I think I’m actually signed up as an affiliate of theirs; I just don’t let that affect my opinion. But some people are writing the review in the first place just to have a way of getting affiliate commissions!

    Thanks so much for the feedback on the experience you had with my evergreen webinar on Webinar Ninja. I’ve never seen it on Android, so had no idea, but I will pass the info along to support when I get a chance. I’m curious about the time lag. I’ve started it a few times myself and not noticed it. Not sure what that’s about. Hopefully it wasn’t significant enough to make people give up on it starting at all.

  • Wacey - December 18, 2015 reply

    Great information, thanks! I ran across this because I’m looking at WJ’s “EverWebinar” evergreen solution. Any thoughts?

    Also, love the commenting look. What are you using for comments?

    Indigo - December 22, 2015 reply

    I have heard a bit about that and am glad they finally got that feature added. Nonetheless, all my other comments about WJ remain, so I still won’t be switching to it. And now that WN is going to be moving away from GHO technology, it’s a slam dunk for me. But I can see how some of the unique WJ features might mean more to someone else. In the end, each business has to sort out its priorities then pick the software that is strongest there.

  • Adina - December 20, 2015 reply

    Hey Indigo,
    I watched your automated webinar and loved it. But I have to share that based on your review I did sign up with Webinar Ninja and so far am not very impressed by the technology and the support. They seem to use offshore support as my support tickets only get answered at hours where no normal business person in North America is awake: like 11:30pm or 5am. I’ve never gotten an email from them during regular biz hours. Because of this their support is not able to answer immediate problems. Further, after emailing support twice and even messaging the CEO, Omar, on Facebook I still have not been approved to the WebinarNinja Facebook users group. And I’m a paying client! Even WebinarJam let me be a user. Also Their registration pages and email templates are quite inflexible. If you want to offer your webinar on multiple days you actually have to use a different landing page for EACH date as their landing pages only allow you to list one date at a time. This is pretty lame to me. Overall I’m not impressed and I am expecting I will cancel and try webinarjam or one of the others.

    Omar Zenhom - December 20, 2015 reply

    Hey Adina! Thanks for your feedback. I just approved you on FB. Sorry, I didn’t see your message on FB. I don’t usually check messages in FB as much as I do with my business email.

    Our customer service team work on Sydney standard time at the moment Mon-Fri. We are growing are team and hiring more customer service professionals but it take time to hire the right candidates 🙂 We greatly appreciate your patience.

    Also, good news! You can create a webinar with multiple date and time options. We call it a Recurring Live Webinar. Choose that option when creating a webinar instead of a Live Webinar.

    We would hate see you go but if you do decide to cancel we understand we are not a solution for everyone. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

    Omar - December 20, 2015 reply

    Just want to clarify our customer services hours are based on Pacific Standard Time, meaning we receive tickets and solve any needs then but sometimes tickets get escalated to myself if they need my attention and I’m currently in Sydney. I reply to the escalation and a local rep replies ASAP. Regardless, we aim to reply to every support request within 24 hours.

    Indigo - December 22, 2015 reply

    I got amazing support when I first signed up, so I suspect it must be a timing issue. But there are definitely different pluses and minuses of the different software apps. I personally am less bothered by needed to create a separate page for recurring vs. one-time webinars on WN than by the many parts of the registration page you can’t edit at all on WJ. I didn’t experience needing a new page for every occurrence of a recurring one. Just that I had to put in the multiple dates when creating it. See here: ) Note that you can pick from among several dates I put in. Are you referring to something different?

    Vivian - December 24, 2015 reply

    Hi Indigo,

    I can not select or see anything, I just get an empty page. Is this correct?

    Indigo - December 24, 2015 reply

    That’s bizarre. I go to the page whether I use this browser (where I’m logged into WN) or my other browser (where I’m not logged in). Can you try again now? I’m just clicking the link above. You should see a dropdown list for the times, and then when pick a different date/time combination, the rest of the page dynamically updates to reflect that selection.

    Vivian - December 24, 2015

    Hi Indigo, I managed to register via my mobile but the problem occured behind the desktop. I will test it later and let you know if it works behind the pc. Merry Xmas!!

    Indigo - December 24, 2015 reply

    Thank you! Please let me know. I really appreciate it. And Merry Christmas to you as well!

    Vivian - December 28, 2015

    Hi Indigo,
    The page is working fine on the desktop!

    Vivian - December 28, 2015

    Hi Indigo,
    The page is working fine on the desktop! It’s unfortunate that I can not see the time zone of the event or convert it to my timezone. I know WebinarNinja is working on feature.

    Indigo - December 28, 2015

    Thanks for checking it. They were moving to new servers over the holiday week, so maybe previously that was an issue. I just got an email today saying that going forward WN won’t run in Safari browser.

    Also, you can see the time zone, but not in the same list where you select the time. As you change your selection, the description beneath that box changes. When I first load the page it defaults to the first time available, which right now is “Start Time: 12:00 PM – PST”

    Suzanne - September 28, 2016 reply

    Indigo, your webinar page has some error codes that go down the entire screen on my Android phone. There is no choice of time or date, either, so unless you changed the options, you may need to check that.

    Indigo - September 28, 2016 reply

    Thanks for updating me, but I don’t have any webinar page that should have a time or date on it. If you are speaking of a sample, that has already been deleted with strikethrough. Maybe the strikethrough isn’t showing on your phone, but there is no link to a current webinar sample, since I’m using Zoom now and cancelled all my other services.

    Suzanne - September 28, 2016

    Ok gotcha. It wasn’t showing on the phone. 🙂

  • Vladimir - January 3, 2016 reply

    Hi Indigo! Thank you for the article. This has been very frustrating for me – so confusing, but you have brought some light, so thanks again! After your review, I was thinking of purchasing Webinar Ninja – however, I may be moving to ClickFunnels (for landing pages and funnel management) and unfortunately they do not have integration with Webinar Ninja, just GotoWebinar (not for me) and EverWebinar. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    Indigo - January 4, 2016 reply

    From what you’ve said, I think EW may be a good option for you. Though on balance I lean toward WN for my personal priorities, I’m not using a landing page software I need to integrate. If that’s really important to you, then I think that outweighs even the WN move off GHO tech. If WN didn’t exist, I’d be using EW myself. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  • Alison - January 10, 2016 reply

    Thank you for making sense of this huge quantity of information. You’ve saved a piece of my sanity. 🙂 I read through most of your comments and see no mention of Stealth Seminar. Any feedback?
    I don’t mind Google Hangouts if I can save some cash (although the delay is a pain), need an evergreen option and fairly easy technical aspects. Thanks again!

    Indigo - January 10, 2016 reply

    I checked out SS last March, but for some reason ruled it out before I got to the testing phase. This article only includes software I actually installed and/or set up. I don’t quite recall exactly why I ruled it out, but I do notice that it costs $70/m for use of the GHO platform. That’s steep for resting on top of that tech, compared to other options.

    Alison - January 13, 2016 reply

    I am going with Ninja. Thank you so much.

    Alison - January 13, 2016 reply

    I am going with Ninja. Thank you so much. If you’re a parent, I would love to send you a thank you gift. 🙂

  • Lindsay Sacks - January 13, 2016 reply

    Thank you! I am in the process of making a selection and was going to do WebinarJam plus EverWebinar, which is so expensive all at once. Now I am thinking I will try Webinar Ninja first as what I mainly want is the evergreen webinars that can easily play on demand, with the ability to do live webinars on occasion. I very much appreciate your insight.

  • Adina - January 13, 2016 reply

    I just wanted to post an update. Based on reading this post, I signed up for WebinarNinja. Unfortunately I did not have a good experience with the app at all! My live webinar did not work and I had to send everyone an emergency link to the Google Hangout directly… and WebinarNinja was also sending noifications for non existent webinars to my attendees. I actually got reports from some attendees that they got 5 duplicate emails inviting them to a webinar *at the wrong time*! I believe that the “email notifications” part of their app has alot of bugs.
    I have since switched to webinarjam and find it be alot more user friendly and alot more fool proof. Although it lacks some of the features of webinarjam in terms of being able to customize the registration pages and such. Just my 2 cents now that I have also tried 2 webinar software types.

    Indigo - January 13, 2016 reply

    Yes, you wrote before that you don’t like WN. I think they all have their pluses and minuses, and no one option works best for everyone. On the whole I prefer the issues I have with WN over those I had with WJ, but to each their own.

    It bugs me too that WN has so many problems with the email notifications. It sounds like you’re encountering the issue I noted a couple days ago (see the Jan. note) that whatever you have set as “default” is what goes out, no matter what you put on a given webinar’s page! That means if you create a new webinar with totally different emails, people still get whatever is created on the webinar you have marked as default! What? Terrible design. That’s my major issue with them, and though I’m willing to put up with it for now, I’m not sure about over time. If someone takes the standard defaults on the reminder emails, then fine. But if you customize the emails a lot the way I do, it may wind up being a deal breaker.

    The issues you had in running live I fortunately did not have, but as long as they sit on GHO tech, there are always going to be some live webinar issues. You can’t know that had you run the webinar at the exact time on one of the other apps that uses GHO you wouldn’t have encountered the same problem. People report that precise issue with WJ. That to me makes it more significant that WN is moving off the GHO tech within the next month or two. But again, this is just why in the end I lean that way. I totally get that there needs to be more than one option out there, and fortunately there are plenty.

  • Adina - January 13, 2016 reply

    I really dont mean to come off as a WN hater. I gave it a fair shot but I really did have some problems. That being said they have some great features and once they work through the bugs it looks like it wil be a good product and will have an advantage of being off GHO. Thank you for your honest and balanced review.

  • Liz - January 17, 2016 reply

    Thanks for all your efforts here Indigo. I have been struggling to find a solution for an age. My main problem is that I have a lousy internet connection. I live in the UK in a part of the country that is a communications desert and there is no chance of a faster connection.

    So many of the later webinar offerings just don’t work for me as they assume at least a 2.6 mbps upload speed and I have 0.4 mbps

    I am lucky in that I have GOTO for the old price of $79 per month but I cannot handle the resulting recordings as they are so large. After 20 hours of uploading they come back with a failed to upload message. GOTO could, but they don’t, record in the cloud. So I have been for years simply not recording anything and this is a waste of my effort.

    So I tried Easywebinar. It almost worked for me as Google Hangouts has been set up to work pretty wel for low bandwidth people but I found their support too slow. Also the Aweber integration is flaky and failed to sign 90% of the people who registered up to my list.

    I moved to Webinar Ninja after reading about it here. I think their support is too slow also. We are developers of software products and we get back to any problems usually within an hour or two during waking hours. I just don’t get this 24 hour, no weekend cover, response time thing at all. But maybe I am just a workaholic.

    Without access to their support over the weekend I am left wondering why my replay won’t replay and also how the Aweber integration is supposed to work when I haven’t been asked to input my list name anywhere. I would like that when someone registers they also get added to my email list.

    The other thing I noticed is that I cannot see (unlike with EasyWebinar) where there is a option to redirect the viewer at the end of a live webinar. The reason I want that is that I have found that I can make a 20 minute video and play that instead of doing it live, but then redirect the audience to a sign up immediately for a GOTO webinar to do the Q and A. This method works in that it :
    a) means I don’t have to think on my feet and the presentation element goes well. However I am there in the chat live.
    b) I avoid the use of Google Hangouts
    c) as my presentation is only 20 mins I can load the video up to YT, even on my connection.
    d) the recording exists as it is my original video.
    e) The Q and A takes place on a good platform (GOTO) where anyone can speak and I am not restricted to 10 people who can interact, nor do I have to do anything to add people in and out of the call.

    If I had a good internet connection I would use – they seem to be everything I’d want.

    Indigo - January 19, 2016 reply

    If your primary issue is connection speed, and you’ve already experienced that where you are you can’t do modern webinar tech and can only do GHO, then WJ is definitely not going to work for you regardless of the rest of it. It is moving off GHO and to the latest webinar tech infrastructure. Also, there is no current feature of being able to do redirects or timed-offers on WN, but I got an email recently saying that’s coming this quarter. There is no direct email integration I’ve seen between WN and say MC/aweber. Instead I’ve been emailing with WJ. In the past I’d export from one and import into the other, but I’ve customized my emails sufficiently to use the platform’s send mail. Also unlike other vendors, WN sends with your email address in the from field, not theirs, so I have little incentive to send with MC. If you’re doing all live webinars, I think you may want to look at something more like Crowdcast for GHO, though they also don’t have an email integration with aweber unless you set that up using Zapier.

    Liz - January 20, 2016 reply

    I am staying away from Google Hangouts as the whole point of going hybrid is not to involve my connection at all until the Q and A when I can use GOTO. Plus GHO is generally unreliable in my experience. WJ will work for me if I can use Wistia videos as these allow you to put in your own clickable overlays.

    The unknown is their speed requirement for their new platform. I did ask and I am not sure if it was a typo, but they said it is only 0.2mbps !

  • Jen Gresham - January 19, 2016 reply

    This review was so helpful. It’s great to know there are people out there willing to give an honest review of these products. Hard to find!

    I’m struggling to choose between WebinarNinja and WebinarJam (possibly +/- EverWebinar–I’m confused). What I’d like to do in the beginning is a hybrid webinar, where I rerecord the main part of the webinar and then do live Q&A. Over time, I hope to hone the pre-recorded part based on feedback in the Q&A and perhaps move to a completely evergreen webinar format. Not sure yet how that will affect conversions. You mentioned that you can embed pre-recorded video in Webinar Ninja, but when I contacted support, they told me I can either do a live webinar or a pre-recorded, but I can’t do a hybrid. I’m not sure that would rule it out for me, but it might. WJ claims you can do hybrids right on the sales page, although some of the comments here make it sound like I might need to also purchase Everwebinar.

    That said, moving away from Google hangouts is pretty appealing. Any thoughts on the importance of the hybrid format, or do you do all your webinars live?

    Indigo - January 19, 2016 reply

    I find the messaging around the hybrid webinars confusing too. I haven’t tried doing one yet, so can’t speak from experience. So far I’ve only ever done live or evergreen (including both scheduled evergreen and instant access evergreen). That said, when I did my last live one, I played a video as part of it. I just played it with screenshare. But I didn’t “hide” the fact I was going it. It was clear I was switching to screenshare and sharing a video for a meditation segment. If you wanted a webinar that was pre-recorded entirely, with only the Q&A part live, which I can see the appeal of doing, then you do need something that specifically says it does hybrid webinars. I actually think that WJ does. I never did it while with them, but I distinctly recall being confident I could, if only I could get other things to work for me as needed. I just had to be there to start them at the start time, unlike an evergreen webinar, and Ever Webinar did not exist back then. That said, to me if you are going to do any part of your webinars live, the move off GHO is major. If you are going to do only evergreen or mostly hybrid or evergreen, then the GHO delay and connection issues won’t be as significant.

    Liz - January 20, 2016 reply

    Hi Jen

    I can shed some light on the hybrid approach with these products. I have now tried EasyWebinar, StealthSeminar and WebinarNinja. Having done and understood all of those I am now in two minds whether to move to EverWebinar or stay with Webinar Ninja.

    One issue is that WebinarNinja are changing their platform away from Google Hangouts over to their own, some time in February.

    When I asked about hybrid webinars, they didn’t seem to understand why I’d want to do a hybrid saying “We don’t really recommend advertising a pre-recorded webinar as a live webinar but you do have the ability to do so”.

    My webinars are technical and based on screenshares of me showing code and how to do things in code. Having done over 70 live webinars now, I don’t see what the difference will be between doing a recorded presentation and doing it live except that I will say um and ah a lot less, won’t suffer any tech issues, and make fewer mistakes. If I am there in the chat and willk do a Q and A afterwards, as far as I am concerned it is live. Hybrids will help me with my bandwidth issues, prevent me from relying on their solution to provide the recording (especially as my bandwidth is poor) and are less stressful.

    The reason I bring this up is that if providers don’t understand why you want to do things they may not implement the solutions well enough. This is evidenced by your support response that said they didn’t do hybrids. In my opinion, right now they kind of do. But they force you to use Google Hangouts to do it. So WJ starts a hangout for you, you say hi etc, then you press a button to play a video that then forms part of the overall hangout that is recorded via hangouts onto YT to incorporate your initial live “hi” and your video(s). You can play a video, talk live, play another video, talk live again, and so on.

    I don’t want to do anything at all on Google hangouts so this isn’t for me, and in any case they are moving from that platform. They say this will be mid-February. I have another webinar to give before then and want a reliable solution sorted out before then.

    I use GOTOWebinar for my live Q and A as it is super reliable.

    All of this worked out of the box with EasyWebinar which I used for may last webinar. I was able to send out a link to the webinar, have a video play the presentation element, and then have it auto redirect at the end to a page where attendees could sign up to an immediate GOTOWebinar session.

    The reason I left EasyWebinar was because their Aweber integration failed – it isn’t coded properly in my opinion – they don’t use the API and their support is too slow. So all the new people I signed up to my webinar didn’t get put onto my list and I had to import them manually just to be able to send out the replay. Also they have no live chat integrated, you have to use Twitter with a hashtag or can you believe it, email.

    StealthSeminar is set up to work for this hybrid situation. They really understand why hybrids are good and of course why evergreens can work. The problem with them is that their interface and system is from the dark ages. The great thing is that you just make your video, send it to them and they set the whole thing up for you. You don’t even have to engage your brain. The downside is that the webinar, and replay pages looks like they were created in 1998 and you can’t change them. I tried – even though they do the set-up you are free to tweak it, but they don’t allow total access so you can’t change some things. They also use old technology so I left them behind too. Their support is extremely fast and responsive though which is good thing. I mean compared to Webinar Ninja’s or EasyWebinar’s 24 – 48 hour responses, SteathSeminar are back to you in 10 minutes. Including weekends.

    The only one I have not bought is EverWebinar, and I am on the brink of trying them. If their sales video is to be believed they would be a good fit for me. I guess I’m going to have to buy it and see.

    Joan Hughes - February 3, 2016 reply

    Thank you, Liz, for your detailed reply. I also want to do a hybrid presentation. I’m completely new to this (this will be my first webinar) and so finding the right webinar platform would be really great! I use AWeber and would like to be able to segment attendees and non-attendees into different post-webinar email sequences. Choosing the right system seems to be a lot harder than I had expected! Never having done this before, I don’t even know what I SHOULD be looking for. 🙂

    Indigo - February 3, 2016 reply

    Really makes me think of someone else’s comment, I forget who, that it’s amazing GotoWebinar had had a lock on this category for so long, despite so many subpar features and high prices. It clearly is harder to get this whole real-time videoconferencing thing down (complete with effective marketing features built around it). It is bound to happen sooner or later though. In the meantime, just realize you can export CSVs from most systems, with attendees and non-attendees sorted, then tag them in Aweber accordingly. It’s a bit manual, but can be done. So I wouldn’t let that be the sole deciding factor on what you choose.

    Joan Hughes - February 3, 2016

    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate how quick you were. 🙂

    I can’t wait to settle on one company and go ahead with it.

    Talking about using a non-automated approach, I’m thinking that, for this first presentation, I might even consider just using Zoom. I don’t expect that many people, and it should make it a lot simpler – just as long as the connection is stable.

  • Jen Gresham - January 20, 2016 reply

    Thanks for the great responses Indigo and Liz. I went back to Webinar Ninja support on the hybrid issue and here’s what they said:

    “We use Google Hangouts On Air as our video platform and we used to be able to play videos during live webinars. Due to a recent Google Hangouts On Air update, we are now unable to do so. Apparently, this is to prevent any possibilities of copyright infringement. Our hybrid webinar involves having a pre-recorded video for the entire webinar while the host is at the chat interacting live with the audience.”

    If this is true, it seems the entire Webinar Jam model is about to disintegrate. So I’m not sure WHAT to think at this point. My instinct is telling me to do some really awesome live webinars that are recorded, and then use one of those recordings for an evergreen webinar where I can communicate in the chat. So WebinarNinja may make the most sense. Or I try Webinar Jam and see if I can create a good recording, and then switch over to EverWebinar. Man, talk about a confusing industry!

    Really appreciate your input–this is making my brain hurt!

    Indigo - January 20, 2016 reply

    Jen and Liz, great info! If the issue is a change at GHO, then that means any tech that relies on GHO is going to no longer be able to do hybrid webinars. That means WJ, WN, Crowdcast for GHO, Easy Webinars, and I believe also Ever Webinar, which is owned by the same company as WJ. So if hybrids are really important to you, the best hope may be that WN brings them back once they move off the GHO tech next month. Or that Google changes their policy again so that they start working there again.

    It is complicated choosing this software because they all have pluses and minuses, and also the tech keeps changing!

    Jen Gresham - January 29, 2016 reply

    Yep, ended up asking for a refund from WN as well. Didn’t like it, but for reasons I suspect would mean I wouldn’t like WebinarJam either. So for now I’m going to stick with GoToWebinar. Amazing someone hasn’t been able to beat them at this game yet!

    Liz Jamieson - February 3, 2016 reply

    Totally agree. They don’t have the marketing angle covered, nor the in-cloyd recording, but for reliability they cannot be beaten IMO

  • Liz - January 20, 2016 reply

    Wow. That is new information. I was not told that the recording option is no longer working. Looks like EverWebinar is the answer – let’s hope …. It does hybrid and evergreen. I will still use GOTO for live.

  • Liz - January 20, 2016 reply

    I am going to check with Everwebinar now. I don’t think they tie the use of Google hangouts into hybrid webinars. At least if they do they shouldn’t! LOL.

  • Rogue - January 23, 2016 reply

    Wow. So much amazing information in one spot. Thanks so much. I have also come down to Webinar Ninja and EverWebinar. I have a wordpress site and am wanting to design my own registration pages. Is this possible with either? Also how does one purchase my webinar ? Are shopping carts integrated? Does anyone actually like Ever Webinar? TIA

  • Joe - January 25, 2016 reply

    Not sure why WN is your preferred solution. Don’t you have to look at this from the customer perspective as well as the organizer perspective? I just signed up for your evergreen webinar above, and got the registration email back. I then proceeded to use my ipad to view the webinar – and I get an error message about webRTC and that that isn’t supported on mobile browsers. So -no-go. I then went to my Mac Air, and opened the link by clicking on it. My standard browser is Safari. I logged in, got again an error message about this not being supported on Safari. Suggest to use Firefox or Chrome. Then copy and paste of the link into Chrome. Good – now it works, but its a simple replay of a youtube video. No chat, no nothing. I can stream your seminar on any of my pages. by simply getting the embed code. THAT is a far cry from the features that Everwebinar provides. In fact, I don’t need WN at all to provide the same service for and Evergreen “Webinar”. In fact, with all the errors created, streaming it through a video landing page would be the way better choice because you would’ve lost many viewers after the first error.

    Indigo - January 28, 2016 reply

    Yeah, in the end I decided similarly. I accepted that the change to webRTC would mean that users would have more limited devices they could use, because honestly, just getting off GHO for my live webinars was sufficient “compensation” for that deficit. (The delay between asking a question and seeing the answers in chat was driving me mad and changing how I had to structure the actual content of my trainings!) But it’s true that there aren’t many “extras” included with the evergreen webinars beyond what I’d get using my Wistia account. For me the real deciding factor was that I just had to log too many support requests with WN. Every time I wanted to create a new webinar, something would go amiss, and before I could promote the thing, I had to work out something with support. The inefficiency just got to be too much for me. So I’ve wound up letting it go for now, and just plan to use Zoom with MailChimp for the time being for live, and Wistia for a type of “evergreen” experience. That’s all tech I already have for other reasons, so results in no extra expense at all.

    Joe - January 28, 2016 reply

    I signed up for WN but I am going to refund. WN functionality is so rudimentary that everything can be replicated with LeadPages – live and replay. Not difficult to set up either. Google it. I use Leadpages and as such – I am really disappointed with WN. WJ and EverWebinar is much too hyped for me to trust it. So right now – I think I am going use stealth seminar. They’ve been around since at least since 2010 – WJ and Everwebinarare a follow up of Evergreen Business systems, which hung their users out to dry. So not much trust this won’t happen again.

    Indigo - January 29, 2016 reply

    Yeah, I wound up getting a refund of WN also. I’m not interested in Leadpages, but I am able to do what I most need to do with Zoom and Mailchimp. I agree on the issue with EBS. That is one of the things that always makes me dubious about anything connected to those founders. You’re the second person to comment on stealth seminar. I never installed that one, since the price was more than I wanted to pay, but if it’s reliably doing what you want, that’s great.

    Joe - January 29, 2016

    Indigo, I have noticed that our style of consulting is very different after watching your seminar. You are Betazoid, I am Vulcan. I was was an early adopter of Leadpages and as such it isn’t very expensive for me. I didn’t use it for a while after startup but since then, it has done wonders for my clients regarding click conversions. I am irked by tools that promise and don’t deliver. Time is the most valuable resource and as such I am thankful that you wrote down your experience. My experience is that it makes a difference if a company makes it past a couple of years. It means they are delivering something valuable. I always tell my clients that if they are the bleeding edge, they are going to bleed. ;-))

    Omar Zenhom - February 28, 2016 reply

    Hey Joe! So sorry to hear you were disappointed with WN. We never like to hear that. Not sure if you had a chance to see our all new update that was released on Feb 11. We are completely redesigned and off Google Hangouts. We now use Web RTC for live communication and have added features like polls, offers and questions. This makes comparing us to a Lead Pages DIY solution and any other Google Hangouts solution about unfair given we use a superior tech with live video. I wish you all the best with your webinars regardless of what you choose to use 🙂

    Omar Zenhom - February 28, 2016 reply

    Hey Indigo! We did indeed have some teething problems when you where with us. Apologies for that. But since our major update, our platform was re-developed from the ground up to be incredibly stable. I thank you for giving us a try though and wish you all the best in all your webinars.

    Omar Zenhom
    Co-founder of Webinar Ninja

    Indigo - February 29, 2016 reply

    I had the feeling that was the case, but I just didn’t have more time to invest in it and suspected the tech upgrade this month would mean it continuing at least this long. If at any point in the future I decide I need something more than what I’m getting with my makeshift combo, I’ll test WN again. Likely it will have stabilized under the new tech by then.

  • cw - February 6, 2016 reply

    Indigo, you’ve done a wonderful, but very unusual thing with this post: you were diligent in updating so that we can all benefit from the complete learning you shared. A far cry from the bloggers who would have written a new post on every update to up the apparent post count or the other blogger type who may have lost interest and mysteriously moved on to new topics. Thanks for hanging in there and sharing the whole story as it unfolds!


    Indigo - February 6, 2016 reply

    Thanks! Yeah, I figured someone should benefit from the brutal journey I’ve been on. LOL.

  • Paul - February 8, 2016 reply

    This is the best rich seam if real world webinar experiences I’ve seen on the web & ive been searching hard !
    Thank you Indigo for this effort & input.

    After much consideration it strikes me that as a video producing online education entity my effort is best served avoiding webinar products altogether. What is a webinar? It’s just a video made available at a predefined time. Nothing more!
    As such in going to take control and produce pre recorded video “webinar” with epic sound, crisp graphics on my designed page on my website managed by one email provider to seamlessly handle email registrations and all other segmentation and management ( active campaign ). I will then simply use Wistia to deliver these marketing videos on demand at said page whilst I engage in embedded chat on the same page using iflychat. All this on my website with no messy dropouts it funny biz. I one fell swoop I already have my evergreen webinar for easy reuse and can schedule anytime for any number of times at will whilst maintaining kickass video quality and let’s face it, you’re not going to simply not tune-in to your own replays, therefore just chat. Better still because the video starts when the client is ready they don’t miss a thing.

    All I need is the same infrastructure I already have in place to make my existing course material and I improve the experience for my customers. They don’t care if it’s live or not , they care only for the information and appreciate the scheduling allowing the creation of a group that can interact in the chat.

    Webinar solutions and all this funnel software is way oversold for a reason. That’s my conclusion after reading through this fabulous and rare webinar review blog. Good luck folks, don’t be so reliant on these nonsensical product offerings.

    Indigo - February 8, 2016 reply

    Hahaha. I’ve come to a similar conclusion. What webinars seem to do uniquely well is create a sense of scarcity. It’s not a video, it’s an event, and you need to put it in your calendar, making dedicated space in your life to focus on it. There is no ability to fast forward or rewind. There will be live Q&A with someone you normally have no access to. Under those circumstances, and when there weren’t dozens you were seeing promoted every day, I can see why there was a high conversion rate for the method.

    But once you focus on it being evergreen, I think it is more a video training pretending to be a webinar, by presenting landing page formatting that looks like a webinar’s event registration page. You want the allure of the webinar, but really are just sharing a video with an email gate before you can see it. So that’s what I’m doing now as my email opt-in. If I ever want to do a live event again, I’ll just use Zoom with MailChimp. I’ll lose some webinar software features like redirection to a sales page at the end of the video, but I’ve not been doing that anyway. None of my recent webinars have had anything for sale at the end.

    Glad to hear you found an approach to sharing information with interested parties that works well for you. Sometimes the greatest progress comes in deciding what not to do, or even give anymore thought to doing.

    Paul - February 8, 2016 reply

    Hi Indigo, I hear what youre saying, but you know.. I’m still going to produce it like a webinar and bill it as such, email the reminders and walk all over my talk, probably edit it on the day or two before the launch n all. Im sure it will work, it has to work,, it must work, so it will. If I imagine the best webinar in the world, it has a FF and RW option in fact the best webinars ive “attended” I paused and went back over points in the material. (Perhaps I was watching a video replay. ha! there ya go! see!…)
    Furthermore, you know what else sticks in my mind the most? It was the poor quality of an abysmal google hangout where the slides were only just bearable.. I recall vividly thinking “this is a joke, what a disgrace to put that out”, now hear I am looking to sell after them and Im thinking, I cant put my business in the hands of these jokers that will sell you a dream about Blue cheeses and deliver only the smell. Ive worked in software and Ive seen millions spent on exactly that, only to be shelved because the real world experience was that it crashed servers or was user unfriendly at a horrific level… a bit like your first hour on windows 8. No! 🙂

  • Elbert Garcia - February 8, 2016 reply

    Indigo, you capture much of what I have been going through over the last couple of months. Thank you for filling in the blanks of other software and reinforcing general instincts.

  • Vivian - February 17, 2016 reply

    I’m a bit lost. What Webinar tool would you recommend for a small biz owner?
    I did not like the new version of Webinar Ninja.

    Indigo - February 17, 2016 reply

    Bottom line, I’m not recommending anything. All I can do is lay out what I experienced with each, particularly the strong pluses or minuses. But I don’t see where there is any perfect option. It is more a question of finding which one’s strengths match your top priorities and where it’s deficits are less significant to you. This is a personal decision, which is probably why all these companies are making money, and there isn’t one making all the others obsolete.

    Liz - February 17, 2016 reply

    It’s not that simple. You have to figure out why you need a webinar and if you can make do with a basic set up like Indigo describes where she basically uses other tools to form a sort of DIY evergreen webinar. Each tool is different. For me it is really important to not have to do the webinars live all the time. It’s just too stressful. So being able to play a recording and then do the Q and A live is important to me. Maybe you don’t feel that way – maybe you like doing live webinars all the time.

    It also depends on your bandwidth. If you have good bandwidth you will have a lot of choices. Take a look at – they look great but you need a decent connection which is what stops me using their service.

    cw - February 19, 2016 reply

    I’ve been watching this software niche for close to 20 years now and rather than incremental improvement, I’ve seen mostly new entrants, each one reinventing the wheel. Choosing the right platform for what you are calling a “webinar” DEPENDS. It depends on what you want to share. It depends on how many people you want to share it with. It depends on the average “tech literacy” of those people.” It depends on your own level of “patience.” One caution: If the only tool you’re thinking about is a “webinar,” then everthing will start looking like a nail. How’s that for a mixed metaphor. But you get the idea. Maybe when you say “webinar” you are talking about your notion of a solution, rather than the issue, challenge, problem you want to solve. I recommend that you pause a moment and reevaluate. Then, if you would enjoy some kibbutzing from us guys having this converrsation in Indigo’s space, come back and share some details about your audience and your hoped for outcomes. I’ll bet you’ll get a bushel basket full of specific suggestions then. And, as long as you remember Sturgeon’s Law (99% of everything is crap) you’ll undoubtedly find some gems to help you keep moving along your path.

  • Vivian - February 20, 2016 reply

    Thanks for the feedback! I think I will be going for EW because of the options and what I am looking for.

    cw - February 22, 2016 reply

    Some unsolicited advice: Be careful how you describe what your doing. Many people look for something called a “webinar” to have a live component. EW allows you (almost encourages you) to create everything in advance but continue to sell it as a webinar (with the insinuation that it will be live). The recording of a webinar is just that: a webinar recording, not an actual webinar (that is “live”). If you get people expecting your “webinars” to be live, and there is no live component, that could lead to a very uncomfortable experience.

    Indigo - February 22, 2016 reply

    I’m so glad to hear you feel confident enough about one to move forward. Just finalizing any decision is better than endless pondering. Good luck!

  • Jon - February 24, 2016 reply

    I just emailed WJS customer service and quickly received the following answers to my questions:

    > We wish to create a “hybrid” webinar where a live presenter shows up
    > at the beginning of the webinar and introduces the recorded video
    > (which we will have already created on our own). After the canned
    > video, we want to have a live Q&A.
    > Here are our questions:
    > 1. Would WJS serve our purposes?

    1) Yes WJS will serve your purpose
    > 2. One commentator in a blog mentioned that Google Hangouts On Air no
    > longer allows (or plans to no longer allow) users to play pre-recorded
    > videos for copyright reasons. Is this true? If so, does this not
    > prevent WSJ’s users from using pre-recorded videos in their live webinars?

    2) Pre- recorded videos will be shown in the webinar room, but they are not recorded to the replay on youtube. Although youtube provides the Video Editor Feature and you can add those videos after to the replay.
    > 3. Many reviewers are saying that Googles GHO platform has issues with
    > connection reliability, poor quality videos and delays in communication.
    > How are you addressing these issues?

    3) GHO Recently improved significantly their connectivity, quality and reduced the delays in the communications.

    > > 4. If the concerns in questions 2 and 3 above are valid, then are you
    > planning on moving away from GHO to an internal, proprietary platform?
    > If so, when do you anticipate to have this platform ready?
    4) We are going to release a new version of WJ and EW soon, and more improvements are in development that we do not have the authority to divulge.

    Let us know if you have further questions,


    Indigo - February 24, 2016 reply

    Thanks for sharing this! They side stepped your GHO reliability question, but their following one in response to move away from GHO tells the real tale. Seems that the move away from GHO is catching. Those of us who like highly interactive events, where we have to switch back and forth between presentation and chat/polls, know that the delay is really hard to work with. Good to get the clarification on the hybrid webinar question. Though I’m sticking with Zoom for my needs, I am thinking that Ever Webinar may now present the best overall option. There are still some minor issues about them that bug me, like inflexibility of their premade templates and widespread reports that their stats are off, but for major functionality, if they can go off GHO without their price doubling, they’ll be a good one.

    cw - February 27, 2016 reply

    Maybe I read them wrong, but their reply to the last question also seemed lime they were avoiding the issue, to me. Couldn’t they also be saying that they plan on improving their product while hoping they don’t get called on the vagueness of their answer?

    Indigo - February 28, 2016 reply

    LOL, good point!

  • Liz - February 25, 2016 reply

    I’ve made my decision.

    As I already have GOTO and am grandfathered, and I already use Wistia, I am going to do something similar to Indigo. I will make what I need using GOTO and Wistia and my autoresponder.

    I’ll email my list and tell them there is a webinar and send them to a sign-up page for the webinar. The sign up page will be one I’ve built and will be hosted at and so on.

    They will sign up and GOTOwebinar will take care of the reminder emails.

    In the meantime I will record a video of the technical, and “difficult to get right on the night” part of my presentation. The video will include sound and wil be the “perfect” version of what I am tryign to show my audience.

    On the live webinar I will play the video without sound, but speak over it live explaining what I am doing. I can stop and re-start the video at any point if I need to. I will not record the webinar as I already have a perfect version video.

    At the end I will do a Q and A. This prevents the stress of having to get a technical presentation right every time at every webinar. I will however record the Q and A.

    The advantage to me of doing it this way this is that the recording of the Q and A will be relatively short. It won’t be the whole 1.5 hour long webinar.

    Next I’ll put the “perfect” recording of the technical presentation into my membership site for my members. And I’ll also upload the Q and A portion there too.

    In order to build my list, I’ll re-use the perfect recording on my main public site but guard it with a Wistia email gate so anyone wanting to watch it will have to join my list. The Q and A portion won’t be there (that’s membres only) and all the usual “what’s up guys” introductory stuff you get at the start of webinars won’t be on it and so will give a cleaner, faster less cluttered access to the info for those that do sign up.

    Thanks Indigo – this is all I need – my members get replays I can actually upload the videos over my crappy connection as they are smaller files, I don’t have to do everything live all the time, and I can re-use my content to grow my list. Oh – and I don’t have to pay EverWebinar $497 per year.

    Indigo - February 25, 2016 reply

    Hip, hip, hooray! Decision made. Now onward and upward. Content and promotions! Enjoy.

    cw - February 27, 2016 reply

    Seems like a great combo and you’ve still got enough LIVE stuff not to worry about calling it a “webinar.” I keep experiencing a similar outcome to my own solution searching. I collect the facts, run through the what ifs, and usually end up with GOTO in the tech stack. Second runner up is frequently, WebEx. The tech stacks I favor the most., though, have GOTO Webinar in them. When group size is small, a little money can be saved with GOTOMeeting.

    Elizabeth Jamieson - February 27, 2016 reply

    Goto has the most reliable technology. I agree, it’s hard to leave them out of the frame.

    Indigo - February 28, 2016 reply

    True. I wasn’t considering them when I wrote this article, because I ruled them out first, long before I started exploring any of these other options. For business meetings, great. For marketing, really no functionality. You might as well be using Zoom, which is a mere fraction of the price of Goto. I used GotoMeeting for years for my business, and the technology was about 95% reliable, but even once you move to GoToWebinar, they don’t add any marketing features. Just larger audiences and one-way communication.

  • Joan Hughes - February 27, 2016 reply

    Hey, has anybody tried Click Webinar?

    Indigo - February 28, 2016 reply

    That’s one I’ve never even heard of before. I recently heard that Nathalie Lussier has also released a new webinar platform. Apparently the absence of a perfect choice has inspired new players to enter the arena.

    Joan Hughes - February 29, 2016 reply

    I was in the audience for one of those and really liked the experience. The presenter was visible live in a “window” in the upper left hand corner. Then she turned off her video while the presentation was going on. At the end she returned for a Q&A. The questions were posted in a chat box under the presenter’s window. It was a great combination of presentation and interaction.

    Indigo - February 29, 2016 reply

    That sounds just like the experience with Zoom, and it costs only $100/year for up to 50 attendees, including the possibility of breakout sessions. CW website says that number of attendees is $40/m ($480/year!). I’m not sure if I’m willing to pay that much just to get the extra analytics they will provide. I can see why their testimonials come from companies like Gartner. They seem to be more in the GotoWebinar space.

  • Peggy Haymes - February 27, 2016 reply

    i’ve used Big Marker a couple of times now and have been very pleased. Lots of support and easy to use,

    Indigo - February 28, 2016 reply

    That’s another new name to me. If you have time to write up the pluses and minuses and share it with us all, I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated.

  • B - February 29, 2016 reply

    Wow! So much info! I was going to sign up to Easy Webinar, however as I do not have a website yet after I watched their webinar about webinar I thought I needed to do a research and I am glad I came across your post. Although I must say I am really confused now as under what I should do and who to choose.
    I want to run an introductory (my first webinar) and then offer paid training and 1-1 coaching so it would be ideal if i could have the webinars pre recorded/recorder and replayed and use live Q&A sessions.
    Since I am technically challenged and can’t really get a website together, I would prefer automated system that covers the marketing aspects. i am a good user so I should not have a problem with the rest. I have a good wifi connection at the moment but I am not sure this will always be the case as I may be traveling a bit. What system would you suggest?

    Indigo - February 29, 2016 reply

    Yeah, Easy Webinar would be ruled out by your not having a website. I can’t tell from your comment if you intend to do any evergreen webinars, where you aren’t even there when it first starts playing. If you just want a hybrid webinar, where you are there to say “broadcast” and then have a video play and facilitate Q&A, then you could get away with something like Webinar Jam. If you want the evergreen option (it plays without your being there at all) then Ever Webinar becomes worth the extra expense. If you intend to have a lot of back and forth (you ask a lot of questions, then respond to that throughout your presentation) then something like Webinar Ninja, which doesn’t use GHO technology may be worth the extra cost.

    You’ll also see some webinar platforms mentioned in the comments that I didn’t test. There are some very knowledgeable commentators in this community. So if you have the time, it may be worth reading through the comments and posing questions to specific individuals. Good luck! Once you get past the tech, webinars can be one of the most fun ways of connecting with new people and deepening relationships with people already on your email list.

  • B - February 29, 2016 reply

    Thanks so much for your quick response. Yes evergreen webinars would be ideal for sure to be able to create some passive income. I am all new to this, no business set up yet and no mailing list, so looking to work on all of this now and getting the idea out of my head into the online world.
    I will make sure I report back 😉

  • Matthias Hombauer - March 21, 2016 reply

    Hi Indigo!

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for putting all this info about webinars together. I started my own online project called “How To Become A Rockstar Photographer” where I am teaching people how to get into the concert photography business. Therefore I also started to do webinars. First I used the free 30 days trial version of GOTO Webinar. It worked, but the price tag is far to high for my needs as one man show. Recently I was reminded, that I definitely should do more Webinars again. So I bought EasyWebinar. As you also mentioned in your article it´s everything else than easy to set up. You are restricted with registration pages (which don´t look that cool), you have to add a chat box manually and other things that I disliked. I did some prerecorded webinars, but never got into it completely. Therefore I signed up for Webinar Ninja two days ago. I did a test webinar with 2 friends, whereas one guy was not able to use the chat. I personally like the fact that they have their own streaming platform and the real time interaction works great. However there are other issues. It seems they put out an unfinished product. The live Editor for designing the Registration/Thank you page is not working properly. For expample I wanted to delete some text in the registration page, but it came up again after saving the page. Some elements like the logo on top you can´t remove leaving “logo” on the top left corner and so on. On their page they praise that WN is compatible with mobile devises such as smartphones and tablets. However in a tutorial about how to set up webinars they suggest that you have to use chrome as browser, because their system is not working in safari! If this holds true than WN has a big drawback for me. Safari is the second most used browser to find my homepage on google! And this for the price of $85. I would like to love WN, but it seems they are not there yet. So this leaves me with WebinarJam. I´ll also test this out for 2 upcoming webinars and keep you updated. Keep on rocking with your awesome work

    Indigo - March 21, 2016 reply

    Yep, yep, and more yep! Let me know what you find in your experience with WJ. I do hope WN gets it together soon. Like the team there, but you simply can’t need a support ticket (or two) every time you go to create a new webinar.

    Omar Zenhom - March 21, 2016 reply

    Hey Indigo! As I mentioned to you, you have an open invitation o try out our new updated platform when you like. We would love for you to take it for a spin. All the best!

    Omar Zenhom
    Co-founder of Webinar Ninja

    Matthias Hombauer - March 22, 2016 reply

    Hi Omar! As I mentioned above, I do love the quality of the real time streaming, but for me personally you took the “minimum viable product” approach too serious. I can understand that building a start up with the aim to rule the webinar business is not an easy task. It might be also not fair to compare you with WebinarJam and GoTo Webinar, cause you´re just starting out. However, if you price your product in the $800/years range I expect a software that works flawlessly. On your homepage you say WN can be used on all smart phones and tablets. Your support told me that users with Safari can not use your technology. For me this is an absolute no-go, since I don’t want to force my followers to switch their beloved browser to watch my webinar. The UI is very rudimentary compared to WebinarJam. You can not even set a custom photo of your call to action during the webinar, but only a “Button 1” (it seems also Pat Flynn couldn´t get it to work in his last webinar). Once connected to my email service I got an “api” tag on webinar attendees list. I think a support ticket should be answered immediately especially in this filed when a problem occurs with the webinar software. I simply can´t wait 2 days to get an answer. It´s just my honest opinion and I totally understand your situation. I do hope that you guys figure it out and if you have a working product out I am happy to give it a try again. But with this price tag it´s not working for me. Btw. congrats on having Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas on board. best Matthias

    Omar Zenhom - March 22, 2016

    Matthias! Thanks for the feedback.

    Just a few notes note. Our Offers tab work perfectly on Pat’s latest webinar. He just forgot to edit the default “Button 1” when he was creating his offer. In fact, he edited right on the fly during the webinar. And it was changed instantly, live.

    When we moved over to live WebRTC we removed the mobile feature on our sales page. WebRTC is a live tech like GoToWebinar, it doesn’t work on mobile yet. But the advantage of our software is that it does work on a browser like Chrome or Firefox unlike GoToWebinar that requires every attendee to download their latest software on their machine.

    Yes our support staff is off on the weekends. We currently have 3 reps and are hiring more to cover weekends soon. But According to my stats on Zendesk our average response time is 6 hours faster than our competitors in the industry (including those listed in this post). Regardless, we aim to speed up or respond time even more and added live chat support 5 days a week.

    Yes, we are priced higher that WJ but it’s not a fair comparison as it’s not a a live broadcast technology. They don’t pay for any video technology in fact. We are half the price of GoToWebinar so that is more of a fair comparison even though they don’t offer any other kind of webinar other than live webinars and are void of plenty of options

    I do appreciate the feedback as it helps us improve our product. I will be discussing all your points with my team this week to see how we can improve and win you back some time in the future.

    Matthias Hombauer - March 22, 2016

    Thanks Omar for your answer.

    Sorry, if I got it wrong with Pats webinar. I just saw the replay and and there the button was not shown. He just said the button says “button 1”.
    Anyhow, I know that you have a great price compared to GOTO webinar. Let´s keep me updated. best Matthias

  • Gillian Whitney - March 22, 2016 reply

    Indigo, wondered if you looked at Zoom’s webinar package? I use their meeting program and am considering adding on their webinar features.

    Indigo - March 22, 2016 reply

    I looked at it in the sense that I ruled it out. I never was interested enough to test it. The only thing that seems to be extra is that it allows less interactivity among participants, but what I uniquely like about Zoom is the interactivity among participants. Well that, and that it does allow email registration, track attendance, and allow you to grow to larger audience sizes than where regular Zoom tops out. But the next plan up, for 500 viewers, is $150/m. Pricey. If I was going to need that size a participant list though, I would probably consider it more. It’s still cheaper than GoToWebinar. And I just realized it is the same as the new price for Webinar Ninja for the 500 participant plan.

  • Peggy Haymes - March 22, 2016 reply

    A few thoughts on BigMarker:
    I’ve done three webinars on Big Marker so far, and so far, so good.

    Price: $29/ month for 25 attendees, 49 for 100 attendees, 149 for 500, 299 for 1000

    Communication with attendees: People can subscribe to your channel and you can communicate with them there. It’s easy also to download to .csv file of webinar attendees. Big Marker makes it very easy for them to leave comments and ratings. Because all of your webinars are on the same channel, it makes it easy for me to access the comments later when I’m advertising a new webinar. BigMarker will send reminder emails. They will also post your webinar on their community page (unless you designate it as private.)

    Webinar experience – my attendees have had no complaints, except one who wasn’t running a strong enough internet connection. She was still able to access the recorded webinar later. I found it very easy to use. I uploaded a powerpoint file. I could use this without having to display my entire desktop, although that option is there. I also liked that I had the option of highlight markers so that I could highlight things as I went along. (You can also use webcam)

    Even though I’m a newbie with it, the chat option was easy to use. You also have an option of having a Twitter chat. Identify a hashtag and it will post the tweets with that hashtag as you go through the webinar. I’ve not used that personally, but I could see potential with it.

    All in all, it was just an easy experience.

    Interface – Is clean and easy to follow. I had no problem figuring out how to do what I needed to do. Support is quick and helpful. Easy to brand my channel and sign up pages.

    I can only identify one: You have to use Chrome or Firefox. But really, that seems like a small price to pay for so much functionality.

    They have some options that I didn’t use, like selling tickets. You can also designate it as paid webinar but give away free tickets.

    I really encourage you to give them a try. I was despairing of finding a good, affordable webinar solution, but I’m really comfortable with Big Marker.

    Indigo - March 22, 2016 reply

    This sounds cool and definitely worth investigation the next time I’m doing a webinar, likely next month. Thanks so much for the suggestion and detailed description.

    If I may ask, what was the landing page creation like? Did it give you the ability to customize every element and/or embed on a page you create with something like LeadPages? Could you customize your thank you page to show a low-cost purchase offer? Could you time when pre-made sales links and graphics appeared within the webinar, either setting with a timing or being able to click a box while broadcasting to have it appear then?

    These are some of the extra functionality I’m now expecting if I’m going to go beyond my $100/year Zoom package for 50 attendees that is also in real time, not on top of GHO. I basically want the Webinar Jam feature set (only more customization ability) without the GHO tech underneath. Thanks again for the heads up on this one though. It could be a great option for many people, and I’d never even heard of it before.

  • TA - March 28, 2016 reply

    Hello Indigo! Great information here. I read so much that I am a little confused. I am starting a new business and need to start doing webinars. I need reminder emails, sign up, all the features that you like but at a reasonable price. Could you name a few for people who are building lists and their business.

    Indigo - March 28, 2016 reply

    The difficult part of your question to address is “reasonable price.” That will be a different price for different sets of expectations. The economy route is definitely Webinar Ally with something like MailChimp, Aweber, Convertkit, Active Campaign, etc. integrated for handling the email reminders. You’ll save money by investing your time in learning how to use one of the autoresponders and integrate it with your website. Plus if your website theme doesn’t already create nice sign up pages, you may want to invest in something like OptimizePress for that. And this also depends on whether your website is hosted on WordPress. Basically, the best I can really do is present the features and “gotchas” I came across, but then you have to prioritize based on your situation. Good luck.

  • Jeff - March 31, 2016 reply

    Indigo – Great write-ups. So as of now, are you using Zoom & Mailchimp as your solution? Jeff

    Indigo - March 31, 2016 reply

    Yes, but I’m about to try Webinar Ally for my next one in April. Will add a comment after that. I’m also getting really excited about the possibilities with Blab, now that they’ve added dropins (meaning you can put a screenshare into one of the “seats” a guest would normally occupy).

  • Matthias Hombauer - April 6, 2016 reply

    Recently I did 2 webinars with 60+ people using WebinarJam. I used this software for the first time and did my registration page via ThriveThemes (which can interact with Webinar Jam). So far I had no problems at all. Everything was easy to setup and google hangout worked great as well. Honestly saying I don´t worry about the 30sec delay when everything else is easy to setup. So for me, WebinarJam will be the platform I am using for my future webinars. Just wanted to let you know.

    Indigo - April 6, 2016 reply

    Cool. Thanks for the update. I attended a webinar on WJ yesterday that had some technical difficulties, but I think all in all it is a good choice among the pack.

  • Tom Arnold - May 25, 2016 reply

    In my opinion: My team had a horrible experience with WebinarJam. We signed-up for the 1-year subscription, took a month to learn it and practice with it, working through its little idiosyncrasies, and finally hosted our first webinar. We found it running very slow, the attendee experience was simply a locked screen, the invites were sent out showing the incorrect start time, and the recording we tried to make never recorded. Again, we practiced internally a number of times to make sure we could get it to work and work-around its problems. Sadly, though, it failed us at a critical moment when we were presenting to potential clients.

    When we wrote to WebinarJam requesting a pro-rated refund, they said no, that their policy was a 30-day cancellation and that beyond that you were stuck with the 1-year charge. I was truly surprised by this attitude especially from a team that represents itself as the “Customer Success” (support) team.

    If you were reading the Tony Hsieh book, “Delivering Happiness,” where Zappos is an example of an incredible company focused on customer success (and reaping the rewards of word-of-mouth praise and repeat customers), in my opinion WebinarJam / Genesis Digital LLC is the antithesis.

    We explained our case and that we didn’t want a full refund. (We wanted a refund just for the 10 remaining months of service we could never use). Their final word was, “No,” and that was that.

    Very sad. In my opinion (and, of course, this entire write-up is my opinion), the WebinarJam tool falls well short of the hype. We’ll be moving over to GoToWebinar. While some consider GoToWebinar as “Old technology,” I would categorize it as “proven technology.”

    Thank you for your write-up. I’m glad someone had a good experience. We certainly did not.

    Indigo - May 25, 2016 reply

    Thanks so much for sharing your story, but “good experience?” Where did I write that I had a good experience with Webinar Jam? I think the gist of it was that it was really a pain and didn’t do what I want. The problem is, on balance, it is still one of the better options. It’s a sad commentary about the state of webinar software, I think. I will say however, that I’ve been having a great experience with Zoom. Doesn’t have the marketing bells and whistles, but I find it just as stable as GoToMeeting (which also doesn’t have much for marketing beyond the integrated email notifications) and much less expensive. But if you need the features like tracking who attended, emailing just those who did not attend, having sales offers show up at a specific time, etc. I am hard pressed to find an alternative to suggest other than WJ, particularly since from the comments it seems that for others it has worked much of the time for people.

    Elbert Garcia - May 26, 2016 reply


    I think your last comment was right on. I have used WebinarJam for the last year (having done Google Hangouts for a while) and have found that it meets my needs in having auto-responder powered Webinars and audience engagement. However, their customer service is horrible, mostly because they don’t pretend to be IT experts. They are marketers and their product has a bunch of quirks that allow them to function as an add on to the YouTube system. As you have mentioned, there is not all-around perfect product, just the product that suits your need at the time. Once and if your needs change, your software is likely to change. So its important that whatever you choose, you try to design a look, feel and procedure that is consistent with your audience, so that your audience minimally notices if you change your software.

    Indigo - May 26, 2016 reply

    Very good points. It would be nice to think we could nail down a choice then proceed with other things, not needing to redecide so many technical purchases again and again. But with the pace of change in tech, and our own evolving priorities, some things do need to be reassessed periodically. Webinar software is definitely one of those things.

  • Ellen Finkelstein - June 3, 2016 reply

    I’m using Zoom for live webinars and love it. I use Amazon S3 for posting recordings. I’m still looking for an evergreen solution that will work with Amazon S3 that isn’t too complicated. I swear I’m going to just place the recording on my site, set up a redirect, and have an instruction for people to refresh the page to get the video to start. But I’m open to something better than that.

    Indigo - June 3, 2016 reply

    If you upload to Vimeo instead of S3 it will be even easier. You can just embed the replay right on your webpage.

  • Dan - June 6, 2016 reply

    Just wanted to say, thanks for your post. This has been extremely helpful. I have realized that for our purposes, we really don’t need the whole “webinar” thing. We just want people to be able to learn about one of our offerings, and it makes more sense to just let them watch a high quality video at their leisure, peruse a collection of evolving FAQs, and contact us with any other questions they have. This is not a typical “click-to-buy” product anyways, and we actually want to do some vetting before the sale, so personal contact is required.

    Anyways, it seems like I jumped at the “webinar” hype and just assumed it was the best route for us. Fortunately, after reading your post and some of the great comments, I’ve realized it’s not right for this use case and I’ve requested a refund of Webinar Jam (only a few days into my 30, so hopefully their won’t be any problems).

    As a side note, I’m also not in love with some of WJ’s upsale tactics, copy, and tone, nor the unrelated affiliate email I received less than 18 hours or so into my relationship with WJ. I knew about and accepted that they would send out affiliate offers, but I assumed they would wait to ask me for money until we had some kind of relationship built. I’m all for marketing automation, including affiliate-marketing, but…all of this and more that I have discovered in google searches has me feeling more like I’m a cog in their marketing machine than a valued customer. I just don’t like that vibe, but that’s just me. It looks like they are offering a relatively solid piece of software that may be a good fit for many people.

    Indigo - June 6, 2016 reply

    Glad this helped! And yeah, WJ is definitely a company built by marketers focused on selling NOW more than building relationships.

  • Matthias Hombauer - July 6, 2016 reply

    Just to let you know. App Sumo is offering WebinarNinja for $49 LIFETIME access! IT normally cost $45/month! I installed it and it seems to work. Although they relaunched the new version of Webinar Ninja last week, it still feel “uncomplete”. Attendees can´t use Safari as Browser and it´s not possible to see a live webinar on mobile devices. For $49 i might can live with it otherwise I´ll switch back to Webinar jam

    Indigo - July 6, 2016 reply

    Thanks for the update. I saw the email from AppSumo referencing WN, but didn’t read through it. You’re right though, $49 for lifetime access is pretty great, assuming the platform actually works reliably. It will cost you far more than that if you invest heavily in promoting a webinar that then has problems, not to mention time with tech support if previous problems I encountered getting webinars set up correctly continue. If they don’t get these things fixed, $49 may wind up being for a very short “lifetime.” You are making me give a thought to taking them up on the offer and trying it again at some point. They had offered to let me have it for free, but then I felt I’d be obligated to treat it differently in my review (though they did not at all request that), so I didn’t take them up on it.

  • Matthias Hombauer - July 6, 2016 reply

    What is you´re overall conclusion of this webinar topic? I had no problems with 2 Webinar Jam sessions, but it seems others had, It seems there is still no perfect, affordable program out there, right?

    Indigo - July 6, 2016 reply

    Definitely nothing perfect if you want the sales extras. I’m having a perfect experience with a combo of Zoom and MailChimp, but I’m not using webinars for direct sales. I think if I was, I’d probably put up with the unreliability with EverWebinar/WJam, since that is probably a result of being an add-on to the GHO tech more than anything else. The price goes up quite a bit when you leave GHO behind and I’m not clear on how much reliability goes up. But $49 lifetime is a pretty unbeatable price to find out!

  • nick - July 11, 2016 reply

    Hey There Indigo,

    Great read! So much info to take in though! I see another product recently launched called webinar JEO by Walt Bayliss, what is yours and the communbitys view on this one? I’m looking to run a hybrid webinar, basically being able to participate in the chat but the webinar pre recorded. Also follow up emails integrated with mailchimp segmentation, anybody got any suggestions based on my needs?


    Indigo - July 14, 2016 reply

    Nick, I’ve honestly moved out of my webinar software testing phase. I did this over a 8 month period and came away using Zoom, for goodness sake, which isn’t even webinar software explicitly. It’s meeting software. If you’ve found a new option that’s reliable, affordable, and has solid marketing and sales features, that awesome. Someone has to do that eventually. We’ve gotten a man to the moon, after all.

    Olly - October 1, 2016 reply

    Hi Nick. I’ve bought Webinar JEO, and I think it is pretty cool software. Very easy to use, has all the features I could want, unlimited everything etc etc. Support has been a little slow, but useful for minor issues I’ve had with integrating with other softwares etc. I like it so much I’m promoting it as an affiliate now, and have done a video about it if you’re interested?

    Not sure I can post the link here – I’ll try, but if not feel free to email me =)


  • Sam Freedom - July 14, 2016 reply

    Fk all this. What a clusterfk. To get all this straight, you’d have to be a shut in. Look at all the sales pages that tell us how easy it is to make moolah online without telling us about any of this crap up front.

    Indigo - July 14, 2016 reply

    Yeah, it is pretty amazing how much webinars get touted as the answer for everyone. And whoever is doing the pitching generally also sings the praises of whatever they use with, “just use this.” But with any business activity, there are a lot of choices that need to be customized to the particular business person. And in the case of webinar software it is made worse by the apparent inability of the industry to get it quite right for marketing & sales users who need reliability for under $100/month. I will say though that I’ve been happy using the combination of Zoom, which is 100% reliable in my experience, with MailChimp (which I have anyway, so no extra cost), plus using my theme’s builder feature to make the landing pages. It is basically costing me only $100/year, but I have a little more planning I have to do. If I didn’t already know how to use MailChimp integrated with my website, for example, I’d have a big learning curve. I also don’t have sales features though, like having an offer pop up at a certain time or having a replay people can’t fast forward through. If you need that sort of thing, you’re stuck with the unreliable choices that are also a little pricey.

  • Nick - July 14, 2016 reply

    Hey there Indigo, thank you for your speedy replay! It’s a real mine field their when it comes to webinars! I think im going to end up using wistia and mail chimp with cookie and ip address sensitive evergreen timers with redirects! Will let you know how I get on! Would love to crack the code for a hybrid chat system for the times i cant be be live on chat though! If anyone knows any hybrid chat systems out there please let me know! Also if you want a blog post topic for a future blog topic, write about the intricate details of how you intergrated zoom and mailchimp, what triggers you used etc, would make a GREAT and useful read! 🙂

    Indigo - July 14, 2016 reply

    Thanks for the suggestion. I may just do that. I forget sometimes how things I do automatically can stump people who haven’t used the tech as much. Please do come back and share with us what you learn.

  • Deborah - July 25, 2016 reply

    Excellent, excellent post and responses Indigo. Thank you for taking the time to explain it all and respond. I was originally looking at EW and WJ which is how I ended up on your site. After reading most of the analysis, I think my nerves can only withstand GHO. Everything else sounds like I need a degree from MIT. I follow one person whose webinars are always excellent and he offered in a comment that he uses GHO. Thanks again for your excellent analysis and suggestions.

  • Walter Smith - August 5, 2016 reply

    Hi Indigo

    Thank you so much for all the info and your easy to read opinions and communication. There is so much here to absorb and consider. I am looking at investing in a system which allows for me to conduct live as well as pre recorded sales and product training sessions through a webinar structure. But have a few concerns or considerations:
    1. The people I need to present to are across all time zones worldwide – so multiple scheduling and repeats of each session are a fundamental consideration. I assume anything up to about 200 people per session. But live face to face presentations are preferred.
    2. I am based in Africa and unfortunately, due to infrastructure, have very limited (compared to the big first world) bandwidth. It is stable for the most part, but can be slow.
    3. I know who to target to attend the webinars, we operate on B2B basis, I have an established database – also work with Mailchimp already.
    4. I will need to upload presentations, share videos, images and somehow integrate, if possible with google maps to present 360degree images as well.
    5. No adverting offers – call to sales functionality required – purely live information and product training sessions, preferably interactive for Q&A throughout.
    6. Ease of use, efficiency, reliability and stability should be key considerations over cost.

    I would appreciate suggestions on software programs as well as potential hardware consideration suggestions if possible.

    Thanks again for a great read so far!!

    Indigo - August 5, 2016 reply

    You know Walter, I think Deborah’s decision to go straight with GHO may be best for you, apart from the desire for one landing page to easily facilitate people picking multiple time options. That one desire makes you really need something like Webinar Jam or Webinar Ninja, etc. because they create the landing pages and scheduled events for you together. That functionality is hard to hack together between systems.

    Walter Smith - August 10, 2016 reply

    Thanks Indigo – my research continues, but think I might give Webinar Ninja a go to kick this off. Appreciate your time and consideration to my request.

  • Paul - August 5, 2016 reply

    Hey Indigo
    Just a heads up..
    at something You may need to know
    “1. Xplit Broadcaster is a video mixer software that allows you to easily switch between screens, windows and even pre recorded video at one end. The other end can be pointed easily to your software for webinars. This means you can use any source to show in your webinar. OBS software does the same thing and is free but more fiddly to configure. This is a bit like what gamers use to share thier screens AND have a cam shot of them in the window box for broadcast. Yay!
    2. Skype for business.. Online meetings, messaging, calls and video with up to 250 people, with option to pay a little money and get HD broadcast. Sharing tools possible especially for Powerpoint integration. what is more itll record your session and you can thus replay it. whoa!

    I am still looking into this as a possible alternative to the expensive webinar Jam, everwebinar set up and so far its looking surprisingly good, my only issue is small issues and gripes re the pixel to pixel representation means if you use a small screen to record it’ll come out a bit small (no full screen) on many devices.
    Not sure how seamless it is though yet for users to join a live session, and or the exact methods involved in replays (are chats replayed for example?)
    Hope this may help you guys.

    Indigo - August 5, 2016 reply

    Thanks so much for this contribution. SfB sounds particularly interesting, depending on price and marketing/sales features.

  • Paul - August 5, 2016 reply
    for answers like :
    Remove/uninstall: How do I uninstall Skype for Business?

    Stop automatic sign in: How do I stop Skype for Business from automatically starting when I start my computer?

    Record: How do I record a meeting?

    Share screen: How do I share/present my screen?

    Chat/IM history: How do I see my IM/chat history?

  • Ellen Finkelstein - August 5, 2016 reply

    You said about Zoom in your table, “no registration email sequence,” but it certainly does have those features if you have the Webinar module. You can set up reminders for 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour and maybe other options. I used to use GoToWebinar, but find Zoom to be better in a couple ways. For one, it records the webcam, which GoToWebinar doesn’t.

    Indigo - August 5, 2016 reply

    I reviewed the inexpensive meeting software, which is also what you see prices for above. The webinar app they offer is more expensive, and I don’t think you get anything with it that justifies the increase in price, since you can always just connect your own autoresponder, which most people doing webinars already have. But some may definitely want to consider some of Zoom’s pricier offerings. that start at $55/m instead of $15/m.

  • Susan W - October 1, 2016 reply

    You may be excited about some of these. Thanks for writing your analysis. Saved me big-time!

  • hannah - October 8, 2016 reply

    This article cracks me up, because I have SO gone through that process of having to try out a million different software options, just to find ONE that works like you want….only to discover, that….no, whoops, it doesn’t do that OTHER thing that I want to do.

    I am about to do my first webinar and I just have this feeling of “what fresh hell awaits me??” as I’m about to test out different options….

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    BTW – what is your final FINAL choice as of October 2016?

    Indigo - October 9, 2016 reply

    I’m still using Zoom, though I’m just having meetings with existing folks using it these days. I’m not planning my next webinar until Nov. and then will likely give Webinar Ninja another try. I purchased it under a promo and just haven’t had need to use it yet.

    Omar Zenhom - October 10, 2016 reply

    Hey Indigo! Feel free to reach out to me if you would like any help with your webinar in November with WebinarNinja 🙂

    Indigo - November 2, 2016 reply

    Thanks, Omar. I did an informal webinar last Sat. and apart from user error (trying to avoid the infinity screen caused me to inadvertently not actually start the screenshare for my slideshow and I couldn’t tell until I was back “on camera” intentionally) everything worked well. I’ll be doing a more formal one this weekend that will including using the offer feature for the first time. After that I’ll rewrite the WN section of this article, since I can clearly see that I’m reviewing a completely different piece of software than I encountered before. Your support team has been able to help me efficiently with the couple problems I had getting to this point.

    Omar Zenhom - November 5, 2016

    Happy to hear you had a great experience with your informal webinar last Sat. We are here if you ever need anything at all!

    Mia - October 13, 2016 reply

    Hi there, thanks so much for the great write up. I went through the same hassle of trying out many different webinar service. WebinarJam or Easy Webinar I found them not far from easy and definitely wanted to stay away from GHO. I came across One of my friends was using it and I tried three times just to be sure and they worked so perfectly. It’s unbelievable but does free recording as well. I’m just so grateful that I found it! I use clickfunnels and mailchimp and combine it with this webinar tool just perfect for me now 🙂

  • Mia - October 13, 2016 reply

    Sorry i meant they are far from easy….WebinarJam and Easywebinar.

  • Konstantinos - November 5, 2016 reply

    I’m grateful for your post, thank you for the comprehensive analysis. Thanks to your post I discovered Zoom which is great (and free) from my one to one client sessions. I have a lifetime license of WebinarJam but I never really used it as the 30sec lag was really disrupting the flow of my lessons. When I need to do full scale webinars I will probably go for Weninar Ninja. Please post your update on WNinja when you find the time.

    Indigo - November 9, 2016 reply

    Just finished the WN update. Bottom line, if you intend to do highly interactive webinars and not do email follow up sequences in your autoresponder afterward, it is a fair option. If either is not the case, you aren’t going to be happy with this service.

  • Matthias Hombauer - November 9, 2016 reply

    Did anyone of you tested Webinar JEO? It seems a good alternative with unlimited attendees, evergreen option, it uses it´s own platform (no delay) and it´s less expensive than all the other players such as WebinarJam, WebinarNinja,..

    Indigo - November 9, 2016 reply

    I haven’t yet, but I’ll be updating this page with my new WNinja review later today, and will then commence the process of testing new vendors. Because of your note, I’ll take a look at JEO first. Thanks.

    Olly - November 9, 2016 reply

    Hi Matthias

    Webinar JEO is great…. and they’re doing a 40% off promo which will finish any minute (officially finished but still got the discount on the buy button).

    Check out my review


    Suzanne - January 18, 2017 reply

    Olly, where is your review? Can you post a link or email me at sasukhram at yahoo dot com, please?

    Olly - January 19, 2017 reply

    Hi Suzanne
    Unfortunately when I post a link to my review it doesn’t get published.

    I’ve emailed you a link =)

    Olly - January 19, 2017

    Sorry – the https seems to stop the video working. Try –

    Indigo - January 19, 2017

    The problem you’re having is that my comments strip any url. You can email Suzanne the link you’re referring to.

    Suzanne - January 19, 2017

    Olly, I got your affiliate link. Not a link to a review. Did you post a review?

    Olly - January 19, 2017

    Suzanne, did you see the video I made about Webinar JEO on that page?

    It is as you say affiliate links to the sales page, but the video gives a good overview of JEO as a platform.

    Indigo - November 9, 2016 reply

    I have gotten the JEO software yet, but I did just write to their sales team. What I’m trying to figure out before I invest the time and money is:

    1 – Can JEO send leads to Active Campaign, and if so what fields can it send when someone registers? Can it send name, email and date of webinar registered for, for example?

    2 – Can I put tracking code on the webinar viewing page so that I can track attendance in other software, not just use JEO system’s internal tracking? Specifically I need to trigger certain actions in Active Campaign on whether the person visited the webinar viewing page (not just registered) and AC provides tracking code so that it can do this, but the page has to give me the ability to add that tracking code.

    3 – If neither of the above is the case, does JEO allow exports of all the info for those who registered, those who attended live, those who watched the replay, and those who did not watch the webinar at all by the time the report is run (in separate reports)?

    I’m waiting to hear back on these “must haves,” as in, I can only do what I need if at least one of the 3 is a yes, preferably all 3.

    Matthias Hombauer - November 9, 2016 reply

    Following here. I just subscribed for their monthly plan to test the system. I´ll let you.

    Olly - November 9, 2016 reply

    I’m not familiar with Active Campaign, but I can do this with Leads Flow Pro if that’s similar? So the webinar registration form can be your own custom one, which flows through Lead Flow Pro.

    You can add your own tracking scripts to the registration page, Webinar viewing page, and Thank you page individually.

    There’s a 30 day money back guarantee so might be worth trying it out? =)


    Indigo - November 9, 2016 reply

    Thanks Olly. That’s really helpful to know.

  • Matthias Hombauer - November 9, 2016 reply

    Sounds great. I also got a promo for WebinarNinja and I was currently testing it. Looking forward to your new review since I have the feeling WebinarNinja is still “incomplete”. Giving one registration design where I can not change the photo is ridiculous. I figured out a way on how to use my Thrive Webinar pages and integrated it with AC. I still have to do more test unless I run an important product launch

    Indigo - November 9, 2016 reply

    Yeah, I forgot about this one. That bugged me too. The one page that was the design I like (mainly a big pic then minimal details needed to sign up) wouldn’t let you change the picture! What?

    Btw, just updated the WN section.

    Omar Zenhom - November 9, 2016 reply

    Hello Matthias & Indigo,

    We have 9 total registration page designs. 1 default design and 8 highly customizable ones, where you can change and add different media like photos and video. You can edit change/ edit your registration page in our Advanced edit tab. Here is a tutorial:

    Please let me know if you have any questions about that 🙂

    Omar Zenhom
    Co-founder of WebinarNinja

    Matthias Hombauer - November 9, 2016 reply

    Hi Omar,

    thanks. Just watched Pat Flynns video about how to set everything up.

    I am also using Active Campaign. Are you going to integrate some of the features that Indigo mentioned above?

    Omar Zenhom - November 9, 2016 reply

    Yup! Just posted below 🙂 We will be taking on her feedback and will make those improvement in our next update.

  • Matthias Hombauer - November 9, 2016 reply

    Just checked and the email integration with WebinarNinja and AC didn´t work.

    Indigo - November 9, 2016 reply

    It will add the emails to a new list, but it doesn’t include the webinar date (or any tagging ability). And nothing happens between the two systems after they are added, even if you add AC tracking code to the WN pages.

    Matthias Hombauer - November 9, 2016 reply

    Update: it worked

  • Mia - November 9, 2016 reply

    Is Webinar JEO based on Google +? I hope not…

    Matthias Hombauer - November 9, 2016 reply

    No, they use the technology from Amazon. I just tested it and I have already problems to set the screen share up. It seems you need to run Firefox with some extensions which won´t get installed properly (at least on my computer). Let´s see if they have a good support team. Why is there no system which runs flawlessly? They charge a lot of money for software that is not really working…

    Indigo - November 9, 2016 reply

    Here’s what I got back from JEO support:

    “1 – Yes we actively integrate with Active Campaign and you are able to customize your registration details with the following: Name, Email, Phone Number, Complete Address including city, state and zip. I believe the date of the webinar they registered for is automatic as you will need to choose the campaign for each webinar.

    2 – Yes! You can add tracking codes to the registration page, thank you page and webinar page.

    You can also export the list of attendees. You will need the tracking codes to be entered in order to separate them to the degree you’re looking for.”

    I’m really interested to hear what you discover in your further testing.

    Matthias Hombauer - November 9, 2016 reply

    Sounds good ;). Actually I am having troubles with the screen sharing option. You need to install a Firefox extension in order to use screen sharing. However when I install it the homepage to set up a new webinar is not working anymore. Their support teams tries to figure it out

  • Omar Zenhom - November 9, 2016 reply

    Thanks for the recent WebinarNinja review update. I have read your suggestions for improvement and will be making them a priority as we are working on our next update. They’re fair suggestions to be honest, look out for them to be included soon.

    Thanks again for the feedback. This is how we create a better solution for members like you 🙂

    Matthias Hombauer - November 9, 2016 reply

    Great, looking forward to the next update. Thanks Omar!

    Indigo - November 9, 2016 reply

    Thanks, Omar. Please let me know as soon as they’re ready for testing again.

  • Omar Zenhom - November 9, 2016 reply

    Will do 🙂

  • Paul - November 9, 2016 reply

    Update: webinar jam is moving off Google hangouts to its own hosted webinar platform. Timescale: Days / weeks. Advntgs: more bells n whistles. Dsadvntgs: beta roll out

    Indigo - November 9, 2016 reply

    Great to know! Thanks for the FYI

    Marquise williams - November 19, 2016 reply

    how will that work with EverGreen? What is their reason for going away from google hangouts?

    Marquise williams - November 19, 2016 reply


  • Matthias Hombauer - November 10, 2016 reply

    So back to the start. I wanted to give Webinar Ninja another chance, but it´s not for me. Most of my followers use Chrome and Safari. Since Webinar Ninja is not running on Safari, this is the deal breaker for me. There is no option so far that viewers can watch a live webinar using Safari. The same is true for Webinar JEO. As a viewer of Webinar JEO you have to install Adobe Flash (I thought Flash is dead) and a Safari extension, which I couldn´t get to work. Both Webinar Ninja and WebinarJEO uses a technology which seems not to work on Safari. Sure, I can say to my webinar participants that they have to use Chrome or Firefox. Since these browsers are free to download it shouldn´t be a problem at all. However I don´t want to force my followers to use another browser and I bet that a lot of people will be frustrated when they can´t enter the live webinar. Another issue for me with Webinar Ninja is that you have to sign up again with your exact name and email before you join a webinar as a viewer. If your entry doesn´t match your former login data it tells you that you´re blocked. I don´t know if this means that I can´t even log in with my correct login data anymore. For me this is an extra step for viewers to get frustrated. And another issue which i am not happy about is that if you send emails you always get “You too can be a WebinarNinja’ automatically integrated. I asked their support and this was their answer: ” We’d have to mention that we are not a white label product. We offer very competitive prices to get more people to start using webinars. Un-branding our software is something we do not expect to do in the future.” I would understand if this would be a free version, but I bought it! My followers have nothing to do with online marketing, they are concert photographers. so why should I sent them a link with an ad for WN in every email I sent? So I tend again towards GoTeWebinar. I know you have to download software in order to get into a webinar, but I think that people rather download a program than switching the browser. Anyhow it´s getting frustrating with all these “not perfect” options…

    Indigo - November 10, 2016 reply

    I hadn’t realized that people on Safari couldn’t access a WN (or JEO) webinar. Are you saying they can’t get into the live room, or they can’t even watch a replay?

    I’ve logged into one of my webinars using the browser and was able to access it just using my initials for name instead of the name I had actually registered with. So long as I put in the same email address it let me in, so I think it only checks email. That may be how they’re doing their attendance stats. Not sure.

    I also don’t like that emails going out from the system including the ad, which is one of several reasons I want my post-webinar emails to go out from my autoresponder.

    But GotoWebinar? It has hardly any marketing features at all, and it’s “landing page” isn’t even worthy of the name. Plus I don’t know it is asking less to download their plugin than to download a browser, because they don’t have to keep using either. Maybe slightly more cumbersome, but the issue is having to download anything.

    I am on the verge of just linking to a vimeo video for “on demand” and using Webinar Ally for live webinars, and accepting I need to just create my own landing pages connected directly to my autoresponder and otherwise just let video be video. Will people really respond less to a 1 hour video than a 1 hour “evergreen” or “anytime” webinar? I’m also needing to get out of testing and just have something that works so that I can focus on other parts of the outreach process.

  • Matthias Hombauer - November 10, 2016 reply

    “I’m afraid Safari cannot be used with WebinarNinja at the moment. Our video engine, WebRTC, is fairly new in the industry (although very powerful – boasting a no-delay broadcast) and is yet to work on their compatibility with other browsers. Once they update, we will definitely adjust accordingly. For now, we suggest running or attending live webinars from Chrome or Firefox.
    This only applies to live webinars, though. Our automated webinars are definitely accessible from any browser.”
    So no Safari for live Webinars.

    Ok, somehow it didn´t work for me, but maybe I missed something.

    I would use Thrive Landing pages and integrate GoToWebinar. I know GoToWebinar is $1000 per year which is really high. The strange thing is that a lot of the big players like Lewis Howes, Stu McLaren,..still use it, because it´s reliable. Pat Flynn is using WebinarNinja, but he didn´t review the issues we are talking about in his video.

    Indigo - November 14, 2016 reply

    Michael Port also uses WN and made some great training videos for WN’s free webinar course. In the short run I have evergreen and/or anytime webinars in my marketing plan, not more live ones. So since WN streams from aws for those, it should work for me. But honestly I’m going to spend some time later today investigating creating my own landing page with something like Thrive, then just having a website page with a Vimeo video embed and a feedback form for questions behind the email gate. That way everything can be directly integrated with my autoresponder, including tracking code on the page with the video. Once I’m back to live webinars, hopefully WN will be able to support Safari and tracking code on watch pages, or I’ll have found a better option. Being able to track who watched (at any time) in my autoresponder is a must have for me.

  • Matthias Hombauer - November 13, 2016 reply

    I have another one for you Indigo:

    Indigo - November 14, 2016 reply

    Thanks for sharing it. Demio looks good in some ways but there are some deal breakers. One, I see no support for evergreen webinars. That’s not the same as recurring. Also, from their roadmap, “While Google Chrome is easily the most used browser, we plan on expanding Demio to other popular browsers after the launch. This will always be one of our main focuses with Demio.” I read that as saying right now they only support Chrome browser, not even Safari. Their next note is about plans to support attending on a mobile device, which means people can’t now. Good bones, but not ready for primetime.

  • matthias - November 14, 2016 reply

    their answer: Unfortunately, Demio currently only works on the Chrome browser.

    Our first major milestone through Beta was Latency Speed, Reliability, Features and User Experience. Now we are working to expand browser support and mobile support (Mobile in works now).

  • Anne - November 22, 2016 reply

    Holy wow I have just decided to do this and saw webinar fusion. I want all the pages and funnels built in and I don’t mind evergreen I do separate live stream and podcasting to connect live. After skimming through all of this is there a one stop shop like webinar fusion?

  • Karen - November 27, 2016 reply

    Thank you for this detailed and well thought out post! I have been searching for an “all inclusive” webinar platform, where I don’t have to use mailchimp, leadpages, AND have paypal or some other check out process when they purchase from the webinar. I have looked into, but I have not been brave enough to try it out yet, is that one you might look into? I would love to hear your thoughts!!

  • Konstantinos - November 29, 2016 reply

    Just letting you know that demio is having a cyber Monday 14 day trial so you can check them out for yourself (it’s only on for 24 hours – they usually don’t do free trials) here : I signed up with them at the launch offer they had, Im on holidays so I didn’t have the chance to do a proper Webinar yet. At the moment it’s only chrome browser for the live Webinars and no mobile support yet. They are proceeding according to their development road map. At the Webinars I joined with them the experience was excellent, no delays, smooth participant experience (that’s why I went with their 100 attendees yearly plan.) they also have an API available so other platforms (for example my cart which is Thrivecart) have already starting to integrate with them. Did not expect that to happen so soon, positive surprise. I was considering also ninja Webinars yet as far as I know and from what I’m reading at the discussions online they don’t have an API yet so it’s harder to integrate with them. I don’t really understand why a free trial is a cyber Monday offer. I would prefer if they had open free trial like ninja Webinars so people can check them out for themselves and make an informed decision. What I like about them so far is the enthusiasm of the lively developer team and the Super responsive support. I ll be able to report more once I have done a real Webinar with them after my vacations.

  • Sam Small - November 29, 2016 reply

    Aloha Indigo
    Missing you here on Maui. Thanks so much for this insightful post. I feel the pain of Webinarjam, I just got a full refund from them after having my third or fourth webinar shut down mid stream on Google hangouts with no way to recapture or even communicate with the attendees. It was shear hell. I like all that they offer, as you say, it would be great IF it worked. I attended a webinar just today run via Webinar Ninja, is was tolerable. Still looking to figure out what will work for me now that I’m off Webinarjam.
    Reach me if you’ll be back on Maui, would love to connect. All the best!
    Sam Small

    Indigo - November 29, 2016 reply

    Good to hear from you, Sam. Wow, what a terrible experience with WJ. I’m starting to think the change Google made to hangouts some months ago is undermining every platform that depends on that tech. WJ was iffy back when I tested it over a year ago, but this is beyond iffy. I know from other commenters that they are looking to move off the technology, but for now it seems they are thoroughly undependable. Right now I’ve just got a video up behind an email gate with a question submission form below it for my version of an “anytime webinar.” WN is pretty reliable, but the browser support for the underlying tech is limited enough you may lose significant audience to them simply not being able to attend live. Also the site tracking is thoroughly inadequate for my needs, but if you don’t use that feature anyway, no worries there.

    I’m not sure when I’ll be back on Maui, but I wish it was now! So much on my to do list though… all good, but a lot of it, keeping me here.

  • Sam Small - November 29, 2016 reply

    What of Webinar JEO? Webinar Jam sent emails last week to say that they worked the GHO changes through and are back to the easy set up they used to have, but to me, GHO is whacked.

    Indigo - November 29, 2016 reply

    Same platform limitations for viewers on JEO as ninja, plus there was another problem with it I forget. I think it didn’t integrate with my autoresponder. Mattias checked them out and commented on them above, I think. My final conclusion on JEO, not ready for primetime.

  • Lolita - January 2, 2017 reply

    Thank you very much for this excellent and detailed post!

  • Suzanne - January 18, 2017 reply

    Indigo, any new insights into Jeo?

    Indigo - January 19, 2017 reply

    I’ve not looked at JEO. I’m about to use Webinar Ninja again. Otherwise haven’t been using any of the webinar technologies lately.

  • Greg - February 2, 2017 reply

    Indigo, can you update on your latest experience using Webinar Ninja? Also, if you or anyone knows. They look similar, but pricing is very different. What is the difference? Thanks.

    Indigo - February 2, 2017 reply

    I tried it again last week, and again getting feedback from people trying to attend of difficulties accessing if not on a desktop. There are very limited ways people can access from mobile. I forget the exact details, but I’m giving up on WN at this point and going back to Zoom, despite my needing to do all the marketing aspects myself in MailChimp and my landing page creation software.

  • Greg - February 2, 2017 reply

    Similar Webinar Ninja and Webinar Jeo

  • Hannah - February 2, 2017 reply

    Hi there! I commented a few months ago and thought I would just share a cheaper option I ended up going with, in case anybody is on a budget.

    This is for pre-recorded “webinars” only (I call mine an online training, which it is. I do NOT like to “fool” people into thinking it’s live when it isn’t. If you are doing pre-recorded/evergreen webinars, just call it an online training!). Basically I used instabuilder, and instabuilder alone. (along with my email software & wistia for video). Instabuilder has a much cheaper, one-time fee. I can get my video stats from wistia.

    If you want to see the results, you can see how the entire funnel here: (note this is for attorneys only, so unless you are an attorney you might not be interested…but if you DO find this post helpful & know of any attorneys looking to get more clients online, please send them to the training!)

    By the way I started out with webinar jam, but could not stand the terrible landing page design, and how hard it was to customize things. For that price they should offer WAY more. Instabuilder cost me something like $70 one time fee!

    Indigo - February 2, 2017 reply

    Yeah, this is pretty much what I’ve been doing with other apps. Where you use Insta for your landing pages I use Thrive Themes, and where you use Wistia for pre-recorded I use Zoom for live or Vimeo for pre-recorded, and then mailing list software for the sign up and notifications. It’s a lot more work than a one-stop shop, and things like showing the offer at a certain point instead of having it static on the page are lost. Which is why people keep searching for that elusive “perfect app.” For now I’ll stick with a little more effort for a little less functionality, in exchange for the core functionality being reliable.

  • Indigo - February 10, 2017 reply

    You may all notice some comments have disappeared. WP did a forced update over the weekend which broke this site. I think I’ve gotten everything back to functionality as of a few minutes ago, but we lost all the site changes since last Friday, including any comments you all left!

  • Jeff J Hunter - April 2, 2017 reply

    Hey Indigo, fancy seeing you after searching for Zoom vs GotoWebinar. GREAT read and so much value as always <3 Jeff J Hunter

    Indigo - April 15, 2017 reply

    Hey, Jeff. Funny running into you here as well 🙂 Hope all is well and wonderful with you and yours.

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