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Full Being Business

What is Full Being Business?

by Indigo on February 29, 2016 29 comments

Full Being Business is business that is done from a place of fullness, not lack.

So much of what passes as business advice is grounded in a perspective that says that something is lacking (money, clients, mailing list subscribers, etc.) and must be acquired.

The perspective that you hold as you think about something has a profound effect on what you see. Different problems and solutions appear depending on the viewing lens.

From a perspective of lack, at a networking event one might be strategizing, “Who in this room can I get to become my customer?” or “Who in this room can help me to get more customers?”

But from a perspective of fullness, that same situation might evoke questions more like, “Who looks like they could use my help?” or “Who am I feeling drawn to right now?”

What Full Being Business Looks Like in Practice

Beauty and Balance

When you’re feeling your well being, you attract from your well being, and things come to you that match your well being. When you try to figure out what to attract from a place of lack, you attract based on what you think you should want given what you don’t have that others have taught you that you “should” have. Your belief in your lack stimulates thoughts and feelings that lead to more lack.

Even if you get the thing you are pursuing, since the desire for it came from lack, not well-being, the resulting feeling once acquired will likely be just as empty as the desire was. What if you don’t really want that thing everyone says you “must” have?

Not only will it be unfulfilling if and when it does come to you, but it will usually require great effort on your part for it to come at all. You will have to make it happen by sheer dint of willpower, perseverance, sacrifice, “hard work,” and discipline. All ways of saying, rejecting the help of Spirit.

Yet what comes to you when you choose your objectives from a place of fullness will come easily, almost miraculously. It will seem like everything is just lining up for you, and all you have to do is push that first domino. People will seem to come out of the woodwork, ready to assist you in creating whatever it is you have set your sights on.

While you can create things you want from a place of lack, they don’t come easily because you don’t have your Spirit as the conductor of the situation. Additionally, even when you finally do hammer out results from a perspective of trying to fill an emptiness in you, the results are unlikely to fulfill you. If you forget about the things you once wanted, by the time they come you will realize the are not what you really wanted. They are just what you thought would fill the hole in your life. But what you really want is for there to be no hole.

When I come from my fullness, knowing I am all that I need to be, that all is well, that everything is constantly conspiring to bless me and that my job is simply cooperating with that, I find I want to do far fewer things. Yet each thing I do yields breath-taking results, with perfect timing.

An Example of the Transition


One of my clients, who I will call Sherry in this article, had a full-time job that she enjoyed, but had grown bored with. She had a lovely 15 minute commute to a place where she worked with a team who appreciated her, but she simply wasn’t having her creativity stimulated enough for true fulfillment. So she started a dance studio. After a year, she had no regular students at the studio and often had only 1 student show up for a class. She came to me for help making a success out of her floundering studio.

From the work we did together in her consultation, it looked like the objectives most essential for the success of her dance studio could be achieved within a 4 month program. We were to meet twice a month for 4 months, and she would be given assignments to complete in her business each time we met, as well as our reviewing the accomplishments or obstacles in her previous assignments each time.

Now the way I work, I do focus quite a bit on sound business practices (sometimes referred to as Best Practices) when it comes to the assignments I give clients. But when we are in session together I draw heavily on my backgounds as a spiritual counselor and psychotherapist.

With Sherry, allowing the interplay of what I consider “yin and yang” skill sets within the consulting led to a startling discover. In the second of our eight sessions, I found myself slipping into a channeling state and found myself saying, “You have the exact number of students you want, because you don’t want a dance studio.”

It landed on us both like a ton of bricks. I really didn’t expect to hear myself say that, and apparently neither did she. But, because we were sharing a very connected psycho-spiritual space at the time, which is how the spontaneous channeling was able to happen in the first place, we were able to dive deeper from a place of fullness.

We then explored what attracted her about being an entrepreneur and clarified exactly what she wanted in her ideal work life. She loved the creativity and clear feedback of being an entrepreneur. She liked having an idea, trying it out, and seeing what results she could create. She liked the element of experiencing wins in business. But she also liked working as part of a team, yet was many years away from being able to hire a team for her dance studio. And she loved working outside the home, particularly the lovely commute she had. And she liked a steady paycheck.

I met with her next a few weeks later and what she reported surprised even me. She said that after the previous session she had gone into a period of mourning, as she let go of her dream of her own dance studio. She realized upon further reflection that she never really wanted a dance studio per se, she just wanted to be an entrepreneur and thought a dance studio might be the right business, because she had loved dance more than anything as a child. But the actual experience of building up and running a dance studio wasn’t at all what she wanted. She accepted that what she really wanted was to use entrepreneurial skills, but within a job.

Within a few days of her clarifying that, she got a call from a major corporation that said they were opening up an intrapreneurial department and had heard about her, and wanted to know if she could come in to interview for heading the department. She did, and by the time we met she was in the final rounds of the process, and it was clear they were going to offer her the position (which they soon did).

The position was EXACTLY what we had designed together in that second session. She would be using entrepreneurial skills to help the megalith company be as agile as a startup in developing new products. But she would have a team, a great salary, and the location was right across the street from where she already worked. It didn’t even change her perfect commute!

That’s what coming from your fullness in business looks like in practice. Interested?

Full Being Business Essentials

If you are going to engage in business as the fullness of who you are, here are some essential elements that will guide you.

Make it a priority to feel good  – This is especially important when planning, but also throughout the work day. Our emotional state is magnetic. You are always attracting to you situations that will feel a lot like how you feel right now. And now. And now. So how are you feeling right now?

When there is something bothering you—maybe nagging in the background of your awareness, but not consuming your full attention—do you push it away or turn it around? How unhappy are you willing to be, as you power through your To Do list?

By making it a priority to transform any feeling of dis-ease into one of gratitude and joy at the start of each day and before any important task/meeting, you will see truly miraculous results very quickly.

I have a process I adapted from Law of Attraction material that does this, which I teach to my clients that has worked wonders for them, and do myself each day. To sum it up for the space of this article, you basically start with what is bothering you, then write what you wish you felt instead, then write 10 thoughts (true or untrue) that make you feel better when you think them about the subject, then write 10 things that are truly worthy of appreciation about the subject, then go on a “rampage of appreciation” where you simply write everything wonderful in your life, and then “Call it in” by stating the desired feeling as now true in your life.

Try it. It works wonders.

Pause frequently – I call it the “meditation minute” but really it only needs to be seconds. Even the US Military is now teaching similar methods to troops, for use on the battlefield if they are being overwhelmed by anxiety. Whether you use the Square Breath Method the military uses (breath in to count of 4, hold count of 4, breath out for 4, hold on empty for 4) or just breath naturally, but focus your attention on your breath moving in and out for 3 breaths, the point is to take a minute whenever needed to let everything else go.

There is the breath. There is nothing else. And then back to regularly scheduled programming, otherwise known as your life.

What that life is like will gradually begin to shift, as you develop skill in being able to shift out of mental chaos and into mental peace at will.

Clear your mind by truly having a comprehensive plan – Prioritizing objectives then distilling those objectives all the way down to the task level will provide peace of mind. It is impossible to focus when you truly don’t know if you are doing everything that needs to be done. While there is a huge blindspot (or many possible blindspots) in your business, focus and peace of mind are simply impossible. There is always a sense of dread lurking in the background, because you simply don’t know if you are in fact doing what most needs to be done right then.

Plan for all areas of your business – This is related to the previous essential, but fleshes out what is meant by “comprehensive” more  fully. Think of it this way, when have you walked into any business establishment or office building and seen that the marketing department constituted 90% of the staff? What are all those other people doing there? Sure, some of them create the product or deliver the service, some are in sales, but there are still more people there and presumably all those businesses aren’t just trying to throw money out the window.

Yet easily 90% of what is presented to small business owners (especially sole proprietors) as “business coaching” is really marketing coaching. It is all about “Find the right products or services for your ideal client then market that to them in a way that sings to them.” Good advice, but then what?

The success of a few very visible people who’ve built a million dollar business by pushing group programs and digital products through Facebook ads and webinars has led to a huge distortion in the public’s mind about what business actually is. Those exceptions are not what business is, nor are they easily duplicated success stories.

What is more common is to see meager results following those formulas—just enough to keep you on the hook, trying to get more, but not enough to make having actual business structures irrelevant if you ever want stable income.

If you are ever going to get out of the “make it happen” phase of your business and experience real abundance, peace, joy and ease, you are going to need to turn the mind of fullness toward logistics, administration, management, team building, leadership, process improvements, feedback systems, cash flow, and other elements of a solid business. The marketing and product/market fit continue to be important on a day to day basis, especially for a young business. (See Spiritual Marketing for more on this.) You simply need to have some plan for these other areas as well, and make sure they are showing up among your priorities.

Coming from your fullness, you aren’t intimidated by any of this. You know that if anyone can do this, you can do this, because you have all the forces of the universe conspiring to bless you. You have access to all the wisdom and business “know-how” there has ever been. You just have to tap into it.

Find others who also expect more for themselves – We are all very impressionable even in adulthood. We pretend that it is only kids who are, but it is our nature to be social animals. That means we are affected by the beliefs and attitudes of those we spend the most time with. And then there are the people we get to collaborate with.

I was recently at the Wisdom 2.0 conference, and though I only went for a day before I was energetically exhausted (the woes of an introvert), it was a tremendously nourishing experience. I got to join with over a thousand other professionals who all insist that their lives be fulfilling and joyful, even if they are running Fortune 500 businesses, or working in them.

I also made some important new connections, and strengthened some emerging ones, with people who are headed in the same direction I’m headed. I suspect many great collaborations to come out of that single day spent with people who value the kind of business I value.

Can you imagine what it would be like for you if you had a full and rich community of people who really got you, and who supported you on your journey of becoming more prosperous, happy, and energized in your business? What if you felt deeply connected within a community of people who saw themselves as spiritual beings having a human experience? What if you had ample choices for who to play with, to see what you can co-create to benefit this world and for your own mutual delight? Would that be worth showing up for?

In Summary

You are enough. You deserve material abundance, physical well-being, emotional joy, clarity of purpose, and an experience of fulfillment in each and every day. This is not denied to you unless you deny it to yourself. And you deny it to yourself whenever you think, act, and decide as if you are lacking any of these things.

You are just that powerful. You hold dominion over you. Want a life that feels luscious and expansive and deeply fulfilling? Want connection and love and fun, even in the running of your business? Then allow it to be that way. Step into it, claim it, and live it.

Do you dare insist that business for you be Full Being Business, and that anything less is simply not good enough? I am happy to assist you if you choose it.


Indigo is the founder of Awaken Business Consulting and Aspiratech business technology firm. She is also the host of Conscious Business Leaders TV. Indigo specializes in helping entrepreneurs build strong business structures in a way that integrates their intuition and inspiration. Want a free consultation with Indigo about your business's forward trajectory? Start by taking the Business Health Assessment at either or

IndigoWhat is Full Being Business?


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  • Indigo - March 5, 2016 reply

    I tried in vain to start so many businesses over the years, but I was always moving from a place of trying to make it work so that I didn’t have to put up with something else. Every goal was really just an antidote I saw to a negative. That is the ultimate of coming from lack. Then I fell into a business accidentally when a company I contracted for decided to leave CA and abandon it’s clients I was servicing. I threw up a website I made myself off courses on Lynda and within a couple months I had my first $20k client, plus still had the ones my previous company had abandoned. There was never any thought of lack, just clarity of intention. I became a millionaire off that business.

  • Joanna - March 5, 2016 reply

    This is a very interesting article, I will pass it around to my friends that are entrepreneurs.

    Indigo - March 5, 2016 reply

    I appreciate that, and I think they will too.

  • ThisKenyanTraveler - March 5, 2016 reply

    I needed to read this especially in my position now.
    I’m going to pin it for reference. Thanks for the amazing article.

    Indigo - March 5, 2016 reply

    So glad it was helpful to you.

  • Enni Maria - Denia Hania - March 5, 2016 reply

    Very interesting. I’ll save the link so I can come back at it when I will be having business lessons in uni. Thanks for sharing!

    Indigo - March 5, 2016 reply

    Hope it gives you a good foundation for whatever work you do. How we show up in one thing tends to be how we show up in everything. Good luck at university.

  • Travel Pockets (Crystal) - March 5, 2016 reply

    Gotta try the “meditation minute”. I get way too anxious and impatient about too many things.

    Indigo - March 5, 2016 reply

    Just a little bit of training one’s mind has such big payoffs! Hope you can make a habit of turning to it when you need to.

  • Pranshu - March 5, 2016 reply

    Saved the link for your article! I have been thinking lately to start my own business. Thanks for sharing!

  • chris calvert - March 6, 2016 reply

    Great information, I only ever do anything when it comes from a place of passion and fullness as you write, you have given me more to think about, thank u

  • Ana De- Jesus - March 6, 2016 reply

    Yes sometimes we chase the dreams of others without realizing that these are not the dreams we actually want. I did that too, when everyone was filling out their UCAS forms and stating that they wanted to be teachers I went along with the dream thinking that is what I wanted. Thank god I realized before it was too late and realized I actually wanted to be a journalist, Then that dream flourished into something more. I wanted to be a very different kind of journalist and so my blog was born.

    Indigo - March 6, 2016 reply

    When we come from the heart, we give our greatest gifts to others. Your writing is so beautiful. What a shame if that had been lost to the world.

  • Shawn - March 6, 2016 reply

    Very well written, it perfectly describes how I found my way without ever having been able to explain it myself

    Indigo - March 6, 2016 reply

    I’m so glad to hear that. That’s why I love writing 🙂

  • Sheri - March 6, 2016 reply

    I really enjoyed this. I think more entrepreneurs need to read articles like this before taking the big leap. Thanks

  • Tori Gabriel - March 6, 2016 reply

    This was a really useful article. I need to try the “meditation minute” as I get so stressed out by things.

  • Stylewithtina - March 6, 2016 reply

    Great article. Love reading your tips. I need to start mediation. 🙂

  • Eloise - March 6, 2016 reply

    Great post! I do believe in living spiritually in all aspects of life, including work! thanks for the positive read!

  • Therese Glenn - March 6, 2016 reply

    such an insightful article. I can relate to an extent when i was working before. i like my job and it pays well but im not happy because i feel like my creativity is not being utilized. it feels really draining.

    Indigo - March 6, 2016 reply

    This is one of the reasons it is so important to cultivate a practice of tapping into one’s sense of fullness. If you plan your next step from a place of lack, and trying to escape, you’ll tend to create a situation that also has a sense of emptiness to it, and you’ll want to escape even your own business! You’re at a great juncture with great information supporting you. Enjoy, and best luck to you.

  • Sharon Beauty Prime - March 6, 2016 reply

    Very well written article. I’m glad to stumble upon your blog. Pinned it for later reference.

    Indigo - March 6, 2016 reply

    I’m so glad to be getting new visitors from Stumbleupon. Looking forward to chatting with you more in the future.

  • EG III - March 6, 2016 reply

    So many people get caught up trying to live for others or for the expectations of society that they forget to “live” and experience their own self-happiness. This is beautifully written and I’m certain you will continue to be an inspiration to many.

  • Rose Sahetapy - March 7, 2016 reply

    This is not only applicable for business or work, but also for personal life. Very insightful post!

    Indigo - March 8, 2016 reply

    It is my belief that we are one being, whether at work, play, in all things. Let’s put our hearts and faith into it all!

  • Tammy - March 9, 2016 reply

    What a great read! Too many people are trying to keep up with the people around them, but it still doesn’t make them feel any better, so this is definitely not just applicable to business at all.

  • Kat - March 9, 2016 reply

    I really need to remember to pause and take a break more often. I tend to get too wrapped up in doing things and trying to get done, that I forget to take breaks until I am exhausted. Very nice post!

    Indigo - March 9, 2016 reply

    You will actually get more done, and only have to do things once by working with a clearer mind and calmer energy state too!

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