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Grow Your Revenue Without Losing Your Passion, Meaning and Purpose

You Can Do This!

Growing a business doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful, despite the fact that it is that way for so many people. It’s that way for them, because they don’t invest in the level of help they really need, trying to cut corners at the expense of their mental and financial well-being. And it doesn’t have to be a trade off between financial success and meaningful impact either.

Working with me, you’ll cut through the chaos, tap into your inner guidance system, and do the right things in the right order to break through to the next level of your success.

First it’s about making sure that we’re working toward the creation of your Spirit’s vision for you, not the limited thinking that is natural in our culture. Using a combination of structured exercises and intuition, we’ll develop objectives that are in alignment with your financial abundance, enjoyment of your work life and the overall impact you want it all to add up to as you become more and more of your potential.

Then it’s time for the “business of business.” We’ll build out key areas of your business with effective business processes and systems to manage those processes. Working together, we’ll create results that are both meaningful and measurable.

Submit the Business Health Assessment to apply for a free strategy session to explore the most auspicious forward trajectory for your burgeoning business and how I might be able to help.

Whatever developmental stage your business is currently in, let’s get something started that’s going to amaze everyone, including you.

You are more than you have as yet realized. Let me help you expand into that with skill, joy and fun.

Does the idea of uncovering your most meaningful and spiritually supported path forward appeal to you? Do you like the idea of evaluating results and adjusting accordingly, so that we can reliably develop a thriving business? Is combining both practical and intuitive guidance within a structured program an experience you think you could savor? Then complete the Business Health Assessment now to apply for your free strategy consultation session today.

Live the life that completely reflects your values, mission, and sense of meaning, and make great money doing it.

The Work

  • The Right Objectives

    We’ll start by skillfully tapping into the wisdom and clarity of your inner genius, empowering you to get results that will truly fulfill you. What are the hidden patterns that have always been there that tell the story of what you’re most meaningful self-expression looks like? (This is where my MA in Integral Counseling Psychology comes in handy.)

  • Measurable Results

    We’ll clarify milestones and systems for measuring what progress looks like, so that we have a reliable feedback system as we proceed. (This is where my 8 years as a corporate business process optimization consultant provides essential expertise.)

  • Strategic Plans

    Working creatively, we will combine guiding wisdom with practical business knowledge to develop clear plans. We will then implement those plans to give you a lived experience of a type of success that feels successful on all levels. And through it all, we’ll never lose sight of the fact that the point of it all is a life you enjoy, starting now as we build the business — not waiting until only after you’ve achieved some external milestone.

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